Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hearing on Permitting Undocumented Residents to Vote in Mount Rainier's City Elections December 6

The Mayor and Council of Mount Rainier will be hosting a hearing on Tuesday, December 6 (and later voting) on allowing undocumented immigrants to vote in Mount Rainier's City Elections.

Here is the Agenda for the Mayor and Council Meeting at which the public will be invited to weigh in on this crucial issue.

Agenda of the Legislative Meeting of the Mayor and City Council City of Mount Rainier Potts Hall 3405 Rhode Island Avenue Mount Rainier, MD 20712
TUESDAY, December 6, 2016, 7:00 P.M.

Action Taken
1. Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance _____________
2. Additions to the Agenda / Review of Rolling Agenda
3. Public Hearing for the Proposed Charter Changes
regarding: Charter Amendment Resolution 1-2016: “A Resolution to amend Article V, Registration, Nomination, and Election Procedures, Sections 502 and 503 of the Charter of the City of Mount Rainier to allow non-United States citizens to vote in City elections, require that non-United States citizens register to vote in City elections with the Mount Rainier Board of Elections, and incorporate State of Maryland restrictions on voting by persons currently imprisoned under a felony conviction, currently under a mental disability, or after having been convicted of buying or selling votes, and to amend Article III, Organization of Mayor and Council, to retain the requirement that candidates for elected City office be United States Citizens despite the amendment of Article V.” and Charter Amendment Resolution 2-2016: “A Resolution to amend Article V, Registration, Nomination, and Election Procedures, Sections 501, 504, and 505 of the Charter of the City of Mount Rainier to change the appointment date and terms of the Board of Elections, remove responsibility for determining the qualifications of the Board of Elections from the Ethics Commission, 
allow voters to vote by absentee ballot even if they are able to vote in person on election day, allow for rolling submission of candidate nomination petitions until six weeks before a City election.”

William Broadus Vice-President of Brentwood Fire Station
Deni Tavares County Councilmember: District 2

4. 3200 Rhode Island Avenue Property
5. Charter Changes (1st Reading)
• Charter Amendment Resolution 1-2016: A resolution to amend Article V, Registration, Nomination, and Election Procedures Sections 502 and 503 of the Charter of the City of Mount Rainier
• Charter Amendment Resolution 2-2016: A resolution to amend Article V, Registration, Nomination, and Election Procedures Sections 501, 504, and 505 of the Charter of the City of Mount Rainier

6. Minutes _____________
- June 21, 2016, Work Session - June 22, 2016, Closed Session
7. Resolution 11-2016 – Appointing a Youth and _____________
Recreation Committee
8. Resolution 12-2016 – Participating in a _____________
Municipal Collaboration
9. Resolution 13-2016 – FY18 Budget Calendar _____________
10. Ordinance 06-2016 – Budget Amendment _____________
1st Quarter (2nd Reading/Vote)
11. Ordinance 07-2016 – Updated Urban Forest _____________
Chapter/Trees (2nd Reading/Vote)
12. Ordinance 08-2016: Increase Board of Elections _____________
Stipends (2nd Reading/Vote)
13. Ordinance 09-2016: Increase Councilmember _____________
Stipends (2nd Reading/Vote)

14. Mayor and Council Member Announcements
15. Report of the City Manager
16. Public Comment
17. Adjournment _____________

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Free Thanksgiving Dinner at 3401 Rhode Island Avenue, in Mount Rainier, MD

 Home alone for Thanksgiving. No family in the area. No home. Feeling lonely and left out of the holiday season.

No problem. The Associated Churches for Community Service (ACCS), the Mount Rainier Police Department, and Mayor Malinda Miles (that's me folks) are preparing Thanksgiving Dinner JUST FOR YOU.

The menu will include four pies -- Chief Michael E. Scott, baked or smoked turkey -- Captain James Stoots, fried turkeys -- Mayor Malinda Miles, homemade cakes (two very large ones) -- Sandra Bramble, fried chicken -- Pastor Dee Pullum, several native Spanish dishes -- Pastor Martinez and his first lady, green beans, cornbread, cranberry sauces, and lots of other foods to delight the palate!

We invite you, one and all, to join us for a FULL Thanksgiving Dinner at Greater Rock Creek Church, 3401 Rhode Island Avenue, Mount Rainier, Maryland MD 20712.  The meal will be served from 11:00 am until 1:30 pm.

The TABLE will be SPREAD just for YOU! Come out and join us in giving thanks for our community.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Are you a Veteran or do you know a Veteran living in Mount Rainier?

I still need information on veterans living in Mount Rainier. You can inbox or email me with their full name, rank, branch of service, and date of discharge. I would appreciate receiving this information no later than Monday close of business. Email address is mayormiles@gmail.com.

The Veterans Day Brunch will be held at Potts Hall 3405 Rhode Island Avenue, Mount Rainier, MD 20712 from 11:30 am until 1:30 pm.


Mount Rainier's Call-A-Bus Available on Election Day

The Mount Rainier Call-A-Bus will again transport residents to the election polls in Mount Rainier on Election Day.

Our driver will be available to drive the Call A Bus from 9:00 am to 5:00pm to take residents to polling places on Election day, Tuesday, November 8th.

Residents who would like to request transportation on this date should call 301-985-6583 to make an appointment in advance.

The Call-A-Bus will also strive to handle many of its regular calls to make sure our seniors can get to their appointments and get out to vote.

The Call-A-Bus will make stops in front of Queenstown Apartment's Rental Office, Rainier Manor, Queens Manor Apartments Rental Office, Kaywood Rental Office, and Newton Square Apartments with stops at Thomas Stone Elementary and Mount Rainier Elementary.

Please circulate to your constituents/residents. On Election Day anyone going to the polls or home from the polls may ride at no cost.

Thank you for circulating.

Early Voting ends today

THIS IS THE LAST DAY FOR EARLY VOTING! Please get out there and vote. Who knows what will come up on November 8 that might get in the way of you voting then. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.

You can vote up to 8 pm.