Tuesday, April 29, 2008



You still have time to apply for the PGCMA Scholarship for college in the fall. This is a scholarship that will be available to you during your four years of college if you live one of the 27 municipalities in Prince George’s County.
Selection Criteria
Each applicant's application must indicate or include:
1. A commitment to public service, e.g., past or current involvement with civic organizations.
2. An educational program in local governmental or public service.
3. Applicant's statement of educational objectives and career goals.
4. Two letters of recommendation. One must be from a faculty member of the current educational institution; the other should be from a municipal public official.
5. An essay on the importance of municipal government in the community.
6. Completion of the scholarship application.
Download the PGCMA Scholarship Application: Go to www.pgcma.com and click on pgcma_scholarship_application.pdf. Municipal officials and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in this scholarship program. Immediate family shall include: spouse, children, residents of the municipal official's household, or any other person claimed as a dependent on the municipal official's tax return. Questions regarding this scholarship program can be directed to the PGCMA Scholarship Committee c/o council member Michael Leszcz, City of Laurel: 301-725-5300 ext. 120.

The Prince George’s Elected Municipal Women (PGEMW)

The Prince George’s Elected Municipal Women (PGEMW) is pleased to offer a $500.00 scholarship to any graduating senior from a Prince George’s County Public School. Please assist us in distributing these applications to interested students. There are no minimum requirements other than the intention to attend some form of post high school education program: four year college, two year college, trade/technical school. The deadline for submission of the application is May 26, 2007. We will make our decision and notify the winner before June 6th. We are planning a presentation on that date and we will discuss the particulars with the recipient. If you wish to apply for this scholarship, Please contact me for an application and/or additional information. You may also contact Karen Hampton at: 301-864-8666.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Mayor's Adopt-A-Street Program

April 24, 2008

What is Adopt-a-Street?
Adopt-a-Street is a program launched by the Mayor of Mount Rainier to solicit help in keeping its streets clean by individuals, groups and organizations within the community. Volunteer individuals, groups and organizations “adopt” a three-block or longer stretch of a City street, make a two-year commitment to pick up the trash at least six times a year, and make minor improvements to the landscape, i.e., plant grass, flowers and/or mulch as appropriate.

Who can adopt?
Anyone can adopt a highway, families, businesses, civic and church groups, or even individuals. Children can participate with adult supervision as long as they are not allowed to work alone on the street, if they are under the age of 14. Children 14 and over participating in this project will earn community service hours for their participation.

Why Adopt?
This program provides an opportunity to show pride in our community. Individuals, groups and/or organizations also get recognition for their efforts on the Adopt-a-Street sign posted along their adopted street. Picking up trash along the streets is an easy, team-building project that takes no financial commitment and only a few hours each year.

How does it work?
Individuals, groups and/or organizations select a minimum of six convenient dates for the two (2) year project that everyone will get together to pick up trash and spruce up their street. The City will provide the trash bags, bright orange vests and safety instructions and information to each individual, group or organization wishing to participate in this project. The bags of litter or yard waste can be put out with regular yard waste and/or trash for pick up by Mount Rainier’s Public Works Department, and recyclables can be put out for recycling on recycling day!

What are the rewards?
Each individual, group and/or organization adopting a street or section of a street will be featured in the City’s newsletter “The Message.” In addition, the City will issue certificates of appreciation to each individual, group and/or organization adopting a street and/or a section of a street within the City.

Depending on how large a section is adopted by the individual, group or organization, the City will allow the group to purchase and erect a maximum of three signs with the individual, group and/or organization’s name. Signs will be similar to those seen along state highways but a size smaller. The signs will be erected by Mount Rainier’s Public Works Department.

Adopt me!
Just call Mount Rainier’s City Hall 301-985-6585 or e-mail the City’s Public Work’s Director at lsmith@mountrainiermd.org, and we will get you started in this environmentally friend program. Your efforts will be good for your street and an invaluable contribution to the City of Mount Rainier!

How do I get started?
Adopt-a-Street volunteers will serve a critical role in helping the City stay clean, and begin the process of cleaning the City for the celebration of our centennial. All of our streets are up for adoption. To find out what streets are most in need of adoption, call City Hall or check the Mount Rainier website and/or cable channel.


Friday, April 18, 2008


At Thomas Stone today, 6:30pm will be orientation and fingerprinting for volunteers. Youth are also encouraged to attend to hear about the program, to volunteer, and to sign up for this exciting event in MOUNT RAINIER!

PLEASE come out and bring your youth (14 to 18). This will ONLY happen IF YOU participate and bring the youth in YOUR family.

Mayor Miles

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The House of Health Fundraiser

The Community Support Committee invites you to a fundraising reception to

The HOUSE OF HEALTH, located at 3830 34th St, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712, needs your help to continue its development. Founded two years ago by Hodari Abdul-Ali, it currently contains Dar Es Salaam Books/Health Center, the African Wholistic Wellness Center, and the soon to be opened Unique Gems.

Join us on SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2008 3:00-6:00 PM at the ARTMOSPHERE CAFÉ, 3311 Rhode Island Avenue in Mt. Rainier, MD for an afternoon of music, poetry and good vibrations as the community comes together to support a brother who has been there to consistently support the community. For more information or to participate, call 202-547-4125 or 240-667-2299. Make checks payable to “House of Health”.


Malinda Miles, Mayor, Mt. Rainier
Brother Ah, Musician
William Reed, Journalist
Wautella Graham, NCOBRA
Askia Muhammad, WPFW
Senghor Baye, UNIA
Ron Clark, RAP,Inc.
Kolangi Olusegun, RNA
Michael Gormley, Musician
Luko Adjaffi, Musician
Brooke Kidd, Joe’s Movement Emporium
Yango Sawyer, Activist
Yusef Saleem, Imam,
Masjid Muhammad
Danny Queen, Poet
and many others

Brother Hodari has served our community for over 30 years through Liberation Information Distributing Co., Pyramid Books, Dar Es Salaam Books, WPFW and several other entities.

Plan to stop by and encourage others to do so as well!

Monday, April 07, 2008

My Name: Malinda Miles

LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Friday, April 04, 2008


YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW to get our basketball pilot off of the ground. Please see the article below for volunteer needs:

In order to successfully execute Youth Basketball Development Program hosted by the City of Mount Rainier and the Town of Brentwood, the following volunteer staffing positions must be identified and confirmed as soon as possible. MNCPPC will provide training on April 18, 2008 from 6:00pm until 8:00pm to all volunteers. Because the volunteer will be working with youth, all volunteer must participate in this training and must be willing to be fingerprinted. There is no cost for the training or fingerprinting. the start date for BASKETBALL is June 6 at 6:00pm!

OUR VOLUNTEER NEEDS (with basic functions listed below each):

Head Coaches (1 or 2)
• Men’s and/or women’s basketball head coaches (some experience would be GOOD)
• 10 minute motivational speech to participants at the welcome (talking points to be provided)
• Floater for remaining availability – encouraging participants as they work on different fundamentals of basketball

Assistant Coaches (1-4)
• Men’s and/or women’s basketball assistant coaches
• Will be responsible for determining age/skill appropriate drills (three one-half hour sessions)
• Free play time for the teens after skills training

Local High School Coaches (3-6), if we can get their participation
• Arrival at least one half hour prior determine the session they will be assigned
• Will assist coaches in determining age appropriate lesson plan as well as fundamental skill explanation to participants and overall management of the drills
• Will also assist in the management of the scrimmage session

Local Youth Coaches (3-6)
• Arrival at least one half hour prior to event kickoff to determine the session they will be assigned
• Will assist coaches in determining age appropriate lesson plan as well as fundamental skill explanation to participants and overall management of the drills
• Will also assist in the management of the scrimmage/competition session

Parent’s Session Panel Representatives and Student-Athletes (2-4)
• Coaches, management, community and student athletes will discuss the day in the life of a student athlete and answer questions parents may have
• Talking points will be provided
• Session takes place concurrently with first clinic break out session

Life Skills Session Leader (2 or 4)
• Management and/or coaches will lead participants through various activities that reinforce fundamental life skills, such as developing physical and mental skills, positive goal setting, and recognizing transferable skills including applying what they learn in athletics to other areas of their lives.
• Curriculum will be provided
• Management will assist in leading interactive learning games and in motivating participant involvement in discussions

Registration Volunteers (6)
• Must be on-site prior to assist with registration set-up and to review the process with the all participants
• Staff the registration tables, help with checking in participants, distributing event etc.
• Remain on-site throughout activities to assist in with the program

Gateway Arts District Management Team to Issue RFP

The Gateway Arts District Management Team is seeking local arts to design a website for the Gateway Arts District. Got skills in website designs, then we are looking for you. The RFP for this project will be released on Monday, April 7, 2008. For a copy of the RFP to be sent to you, PLEASE contact me ASAP. Thank you.

The Gateway Arts District Management Team is seeking a local consultant to come up with the branding for the Gateway Arts District. The branding would include a logo, message, color scheme etc. If you are interested in receiving and responding to the RFP for this project please send me your contact information. This RFP will be released in about two weeks.


Effective June 30, 2008, the Queens Chapel Road branch of the WashingtonFirst Bank will be closing.

The Bank sent out notices of its intent to close on March 31, 2008. Current customers' accounts will be transferred to either 6329 Greenbelt Road in College Park, Maryland or 6089 Oxxon Hill, Maryland. The Queens Chapel Road staff will be moving to the Greenbelt Road branch.

To keep its customers current customer from the Queenstown Branch, the Bank is offering $100 deposits into each customer's demand deposit or savings account AFTER 90 days of the closing of the Queenstown branch, and .25% increase in the posted WasingtonFirst Bank CD rates to customers who continue their CDs with them.

With the move of the WashingtonFirst Bank, Mount Rainier residents are left without a bank in walking distance of the City. The nearest banks are Bank of America on Queens Chapel Road, BB&T on Hamilton Street in Hyatt, and Suntrust on Queens Chapel Road in Avondale.

As the City redevelops and renews itself, one of the business that should be sought after is a bank within our City limits!


I have added two surveys. They will be on the blog for about 20 days. They are NOT scientific and are not intended to be. However, I would like for the data to have some relevance, so PLEASE vote once and ONLY once in each survey.

Giant Pharmacy has been undergoing a lot of turn over, and I have received a lot of complaints over the past year about their service. If you have prescriptions filled at Giant's on Queens Chapel Road, PLEASE take a few minutes and respond to this survey. I have been working with the management and they want feedback. Thank you.

The second survey is about our mail delivery in the City. I have received complaints about mail being delivered late, to the wrong addresses, and inconsistent delivery. If you have had any of these experiences, PLEASE vote once and ONLY once in this survey. If you have had consistently good delivery experiences with your mail, PLEASE let me know. Congressman Van Hollen and Senator Cardin are interested in this issue.

Thanks for participating in these short surveys.