Friday, April 04, 2008


I have added two surveys. They will be on the blog for about 20 days. They are NOT scientific and are not intended to be. However, I would like for the data to have some relevance, so PLEASE vote once and ONLY once in each survey.

Giant Pharmacy has been undergoing a lot of turn over, and I have received a lot of complaints over the past year about their service. If you have prescriptions filled at Giant's on Queens Chapel Road, PLEASE take a few minutes and respond to this survey. I have been working with the management and they want feedback. Thank you.

The second survey is about our mail delivery in the City. I have received complaints about mail being delivered late, to the wrong addresses, and inconsistent delivery. If you have had any of these experiences, PLEASE vote once and ONLY once in this survey. If you have had consistently good delivery experiences with your mail, PLEASE let me know. Congressman Van Hollen and Senator Cardin are interested in this issue.

Thanks for participating in these short surveys.

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