Sunday, April 30, 2017

CouncilMember. Former Mayor, AND Candidate for Re-Election Bryan Knedler Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles

"Many months ago, I asked Malinda if she intended to run again. I assured her that I would run for mayor if she did not, but I saw little point in running against her since our positions on the issues are almost always the same and we have very similar goals for the next four years—economic development, a civic center with new library, annexation to create a healthier tax base, better recreation space for young and old, a greener city, etc. etc.

Malinda made her decision and has asked for my endorsement. I have worked with Malinda for 20 years in various ways and believe she deserves another term as mayor. I join with our current state delegate Jimmy Tarlau and former state delegate Doyle Niemann in supporting her bid for re-election.

I know there are voters out there who still can’t decide between two good candidates. The good news is that we have two good candidates. I have been asked numerous times in the last few weeks about my decision and here are some thoughts to consider.

First, I am not interested in the campaign promises. Both candidates are promising just about the same thing. Economic development, support for green projects, concern for low-income residents, civic spaces, peace and harmony, and the sun will rise in the morning. Promising to do X and Y is one thing. Having a plan or ability to get X and Y done is the important skill and test. Malinda has a proven track record of getting results. So does Jesse. Both candidates are making promises, but both of them have been on the council, and made promises four years ago. Have they accomplished what they promised?

The two candidates are not that different on the policy level regardless of the rhetoric. As one example, both candidates can take credit for helping make the city a greener place. Malinda, for example, championed and pushed for the creation of the Green Team and for the city to become one of the first municipalities to be certified in the Sustainable Maryland program.

I don’t agree with everything Malinda does or the way she goes about it. Our personalities and approach to issues are very different. The city council is a group of persons who each bring something to the table. Some of us are more cerebral. Some are great advocates for the schools and children. Some are great at organizing events. Some have a financial background that helps with understanding budgets and project funding. Some are adept at zoning issues or economic development. It is a team created by the voters.

Malinda brings many things to the council table, but first in my mind is her passion for Mount Rainier and its residents. Second is her responsiveness when residents ask for help. Her ability to pick up the phone and call the right person to get an answer or help solve a problem is unique to her on the council. I agree that the newer members of the team are building those connections. She has countless personal connections with politicians, clergy, business leaders, the schools and civic activists not only in our little neck of the woods, but in the county and state.

Another question to ask is “what has the candidate done for me lately.” Have I seen the candidate out in public promoting the city or helping residents? Over the years, I have seen Malinda jump in to help people in need and when she gets a call for help or solve a problem, she responds. I have seen her personally show up at a house or on a city block to lend a hand or push for a solution to an issue. And she even responds and helps residents that she knows do not support her or who will turn around and criticize her the next day. If you are someone Malinda has helped over the years, I am sure you are not having trouble making this decision in the mayor’s race.

Having been mayor myself, I know the limits of a mayor’s power in Mount Rainier. The mayor is basically a councilmember at large . Of course I realize that many people see the mayor as the public persona of Mount Rainier. And one thing everyone can agree on is that Malinda Miles has been an unforgettable public persona. Have you ever seen her in the Mount Rainier Day parade in those hats? Up on stage? In many ways, the election decision comes down to personality rather than issues. While the two of them are not far apart on the issues, they could not be more different personas.

But, the mayor also tends to get blamed for anything that goes wrong, for all the unsolved problems, and for economic development failures. I point out that both candidates for mayor are equally to blame —along with the rest of the council— for perceived failures. And hopefully we all get some credit for successes. It takes three votes to get an issue decided after all.
I hear that some in the community are just tired of Malinda. They want fresh blood and new ideas. I agree that fresh faces and enthusiasm are healthy. The demographics of the city are rapidly changing—at least in those that own homes. In this election, you will get at least 2 new councilmembers. Regardless of which candidate wins as mayor, it will be a current member of council.

And although I don’t have an opinion on the Ward 1 council seat races, here are some general thoughts. Nearly 99 percent of the time, votes are unanimous. That is because we work through an issue and come to a compromise. When considering any candidate on May 1, please think about his or her ability to work cooperatively. What you don’t want is a councilmember that bulldozes projects or issues simply because he or she has the three votes needed and therefore doesn’t need to listen to the dissent. Or a councilmember who constantly seeks to obstruct good ideas.

So, I look forward to seeing you at the poll and I promise —assuming I am re-elected—to work constructively with the candidates who you elect to the team." Councilmember, former Mayor and candidate for re-election -- Bryan Knedler

Delegate Diane Fennell Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for Re-election as Mayor of Mount Rainier!

I have known Mayor Malinda Miles for many years now since I served as a councilmember on Colmar Manor’s Town Council.

From serving on our municipal councils, we went on to serve together as Mayors of our municipalities. Mayor Miles has always shown great executive leadership and is respected throughout Maryland!

Under her leadership, I have watched the City of Mount Rainer flourish, and I have seen her bring additional resources to the City. Mayor Miles continues to reach out to all residents to get involved in Mount Rainier. Her style of leadership is inclusive and encouraging.

Mayor Malinda Miles does not walk away from a job or task until it is successfully finished or she determines that it is not good for the residents in Mount Rainier, Prince George’s County of the State of Maryland.

Because of her dedication to women and their upward mobility, she has mentored and continues to mentor women throughout the State. For the past several years, she has served as President of Women in Government Serves (WINGS) where numerous women have gone on to win higher political office.

As a State Legislator, I want someone in the position of Mayor who will continue to work with me to help build our community and the people who live in our community. Mayor Malinda Miles is the best person for this job, and she has my support as one who will continue to make Mount Rainer a better City for all its residents. I fully give Mayor Miles my support. Diana Fennell, State Delegate, former Mayor, and Councilmember of Colmar Manor

TAXES! Tax credits! Budgets! On the minds of most these days.

Mount Rainier homeowners and renter should check this out!

Maryland's Tax Credit Programs
What is the Homeowners' Property Tax Credit Program?
The State of Maryland has developed a program which allows credits against the homeowner's property tax bill if the property taxes exceed a fixed percentage of the person's gross income. In other words, it sets a limit on the amount of property taxes.

What is the Homestead Credit?
To help homeowners deal with large assessment increases on their principal residence, state law has established the Homestead Property Tax Credit. The Homestead Credit limits the increase in taxable assessments each year to a fixed percentage. Every county and municipality in Maryland are required to limit taxable assessment increases to 10% or less each year. View a listing of homestead caps for each local government.

What is the Renters' Tax Credit Program?
Effective for 2017: Increased Benefit Formula and Maximum Renters' Tax Credit of $1000
The Renters' Tax Credit Program provides property tax credits for renters who meet certain requirements. The plan was modeled after and designed to be similar in principle to the Homeowners' Tax Credit Program, which is known to many as the Circuit Breaker Program. The concept rests on the reasoning that renters indirectly pay property taxes as part of their rent and thus should have some protection, as do homeowners.

Visit this link and read more:

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sunday April 30 is the LAST MEET & GREET for "Our Campaign." Come and Join US.

Dear friends and neighbors,

I know that the notion of free wine doesn't motivate you these days, especially when we are making important decisions about the future of our city. Still, I couldn't resist! Free food and drinks encouraged me and those around me to do LOTS of things throughout college. And if I am really honest, the free stuff held sway through graduate school and seminary, too!

That aside, I do hope that you will stop in tomorrow (Sunday) as I host a meet and greet with Mayor Miles. Whether you have already decided to vote for her or are undecided and want to chat with her about your questions, suggestions, and concerns, please come on by and sit a spell.

Of course, we will have some refreshments, non-alcoholic beverages and, yes, wine!

Plus, you'll get to spend part of your Sunday with me. I realize that could very much be a disincentive, but at least other neighbors will be present to provide balance!

Here are the particulars:

Meet and greet with Mayor Malinda Miles
Sunday, April 30, 2017
3-5 p.m.
Home of James D. Ross II
3301 Bunker Hill Road
Mount Rainier, MD

No need to RSVP, although I certainly welcome a note letting me know that you plan to attend. You may also feel free to contact me with questions about the event.

Blessings, and I look forward to seeing many of you there.


Rev. James D. Ross II

Dr. and Mrs. Milton Arnolo Guevara, MD Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles

Malinda Miles es una persona que conoc铆 en esta comunidad de Mount Rainier, donde ella ha trabajado durante sus gestiones de una manera muy peculiar que la caracteriza como una persona fuerte, apasionada y con gran esp铆ritu para ayudar a la comunidad, con el objetivo de desarrollar una comunidad que es digna de admirar por su desarrollo y crecimiento como ciudad de Mount Rainier. Malinda Miles es una gran persona, una gran amiga, una gran vecina; ella siempre tiene la disponibilidad para ayudar a todas las personas no importando su raza, su religi贸n, su creencia pol铆tica, ella ayuda al necesitado y lo hace con una gran dedicaci贸n y de coraz贸n para que las personas se sientan seguras en esta comunidad. Yo apoyo a Malinda Miles porque s茅 que con ella la ciudad de Mount Rainier llegara a ser la ciudad que cada uno de nosotros queremos para nuestras nuevas generaciones. Vota por una sola voz, una sola comunidad, una sola ciudad y una sola alcaldesa, vota por Malinda Miles. Dr. and Mrs. Milton Arnolo Guevara, MD, resident of Mount Rainier, MD living in Kaywood Gardens Apartments

Malinda Miles is a person I met in this community of Mount Rainier, where she has worked during her efforts in a very peculiar way that characterizes her as a strong person, passionate and with great spirit to help the community, with the aim of developing A community that is admired for its development and growth as a city of Mount Rainier. Malinda Miles is a great person, a great friend, a great neighbor; She always has the availability to help all people regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, she helps the needy and does it with a great dedication and heart to make people feel secure in this community. I support Malinda Miles because I know that with her the city of Mount Rainier will become the city that each of us wants for our new generations. Vote for a single voice, a single community, a single city and a single mayor, vote for Malinda Miles.
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Arnolo Guevara, MD, resident of Mount Rainier, MD living in Kaywood Gardens Apartments

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jeffrey Zane Slavin Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for Re-Election!

As "our Campaign" enters the last few days of Mount Rainier's Election process, endorsements continue to come in. 

We will continue to post them as we receive them. However, if you wish to post your personal endorsement, please post on my timeline.

This one is from the Mayor of Somerset, Maryland. He and I have worked tirelessly to be inclusive and bring diversity to all levels of government, and to our communities

Malinda Miles is one of the most visionary and effective leaders in all of Maryland.

Her record of accomplishments is outstanding, and I know that she has an important agenda to continue to improve the quality of life for everyone in Mount Rainier. I strongly endorse her re-election.

Jeffrey Zane Slavin, Mayor of Somerset, MD for the past twelve (12) years, and former president of Montgomery County Municipal Association

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Faith-Based Community Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for Re-election

Many of the members of our faith-based community live outside of Mount Rainier's borders. They have the opportunity and the resources to help make life better for many, and when asked, THEY ALWAYS come through.

Mayor Malinda Miles looked at the needs of the community and then asked the churches in her City “What are you doing to contribute to the betterment of Mount Rainier?”

When the answer came back not enough, Mayor Miles asked us to organize and make a financial contribution for schools supplies for both elementary schools.
Then she asked the churches to raise money to help pay light, water and gas bills. Over the past year, Mayor Malinda Miles has worked with the participating churches to pay eviction notices and provide more than 650 Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for residents.

Here are some of the services to the community that got paid this year and did not come out of the City's coffers. 

Note: There is not a social service line item in the City's municipal budget for its residents.

$450 to turn lights and water on
$400 to stop one eviction
$450 to end the second eviction
$700 to help family move because home was condemned
$700 to pay for lights, water, and phone for a single mother
$2,500 to catch up back rent for a senior being evicted
$2,500 to help stop a foreclosure
$300 for young mother with child in need of rental assistance
$450 car note to help a mother to get back and forth to work after paying her rent of $950

When ACCS came up short, Mayor Malinda Miles made up the difference out of her personal finances. We appreciate the working relationship that Mayor Malinda Miles has created with the churches and our community.

We, the Associated Churches for Community Services (ACCS) representing all churches willing to participate, Greater Rock Creek, Buffalo Baptist, Saint John's Episcopal Church, Antioch Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Mount Rainier, and Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal A.M.O.S. to name a few endorse Mayor Malinda Miles for Re-election as Mayor of Mount Rainier, MD.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mr. C, former principal, Mount Rainier Elementary School endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for Mayor

Mount Rainier is more than bricks and mortar. Mount Rainier is also its children and its schools. Although Mount Rainier has no control over the schools, the schools need advocates in the community.

Former and current principals of Mount Rainier's two elementary schools know Mayor Malinda Miles and know that she advocates for the schools, teachers, children, and administrators.
As the former principal of Mount Rainier Elementary School, I can speak firsthand about Mayor Malinda Miles.

She is a dedicated, hardworking and special person who works tirelessly for the City of Mount Rainier, its schools, its children, and its residents.

Whenever a need was identified in Mount Rainier Elementary, a call to Mayor Miles, and you knew that the necessary action would be taken, but there would be a follow-up to make sure that the issue or situation was completed.

Mayor Malinda Miles supported inclusion and diversity, but she also supported peace and safety in our schools. When I came up with the idea of the 100 or more days of peace and the peace parade, I knew who my number one supporter would be – Mayor Malinda Miles.

I left Mount Rainier Elementary School several years ago, and Mayor Malinda Miles and I remain in touch with what is happening in the schools, and she always remembers to invite me back for the Peace Parade.

Mount Rainier residents, the students, and the elementary schools have an advocate in Mayor Malinda Miles. I support her re-election. Phil (Mr. C) Catania, Principal, Mount Rainier Elementary School 1988 to 2005.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mayor Malinda Miles Endorsed by Linda Bock, RN, Executive Director, Rachel H. Pemberton Senior Health Center

Because today was a MUCH needed day of rest, I did not get this endorsement posted.

Although there is not a lot of discussion around seniors in this election, seniors are one of our most vulnerable populations.

They are an important part of the Mount Rainier dynamics and require equal consideration at the table.

Thank you, Linda Bock, for always attending to our seniors' health care needs and being there for me to call upon with the need arises.

Hello, Malinda. I am delighted to write this endorsement for your candidacy. I'm not sure of exactly when we met, and you joined Support Our Seniors (SOS) and supported the Rachel H. Pemberton Senior Health Center, but your support of elders in Mount Rainier, Brentwood, North Brentwood and across Prince George’s County has been a force to be recognized.

As I mentioned in my Facebook note Mount Rainier holds a special place in my heart as my father in law was born in a house in Mount Rainier and my in-laws lived there for many years as did their parents and even were well known and respected members of Mount Rainier Christian Church.

Dimensions Healthcare System has neglected our Center and has now closed it two days a week while promoting their other medical offices! This leaves a huge gap in medical service for Mount Rainier's seniors.

Our staff is being sent to other sites on the days it is closed, and they just have a Secretary cover the office when they don't have patients scheduled.  

Our seniors need you to help keep our doors open once again. Your fight for us in the past made it possible for us to be around still. NOW, we need you to help get our hours and our staff back in our community.

Folks don’t understand how critical senior care is until they or their parents need it, and it is no longer there.

THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE for the Center and our seniors! Linda Bock, RN, Executive Director, Rachel H. Pemberton Senior Health Center

What Contributes to Economic Development?

I guess I don't get it. If housing prices are soaring then wouldn't you think that economic development and revitalization must be working -- at least on some level?

Housing prices were not soaring when the economic trend had not started, and we had mostly pawn shops and loan sharks lining Rhode Island Avenue.

Housing prices were not soaring when the entire Nation took an economic nose dive and foreclosures were almost the norm.

So what does this statement mean: Christopherson said that he respects Miles’s work to help poor and elderly residents avoid eviction, pay bills and feed and clothe themselves. But, in his opinion, the city has not made enough economic progress as housing prices have soared and has missed opportunities, especially downtown. Washington Post, April 22.

Something to think about.

In a small city or town, much of what is accomplished is achieved through partnerships and relationships.

In addition to helping the poor and elderly residents avoid eviction, pay bills and feed and clothe themselves, here are a few OTHER things that I have done, still do and will do as we move Mount Rainier forward.

The Mount Rainier Tree Commission -- one of my points of pride and joy in the City and one of the most active. Became the first Roadside Tree Expert in the City to ensure the continuance of our tree canopy.

Recycling and going green -- this initiative was started by me back in the late 80s and early 90s. It has grown to include a green plan, green team, and certification as a Sustainable Maryland Certified (SMC). Other programs have sprung from this notion of reducing our footprint -- our community garden, tool shed, and bike coop.

Mount Rainier Call-A-Bus -- a valuable service provided to residents of Mount Rainier. This service is used by seniors, students and other residents to get to doctor appointments, after school programs, and other events. It is an ongoing need and one that I continue to work on to improve the delivery of services.
Mount Rainier Business Association (MRBA) -- worked diligently over the years to help make this a thriving component of Mount Rainier's economic growth. Efforts included the first website, newsletter, and featuring the businesses throughout the City.

Mount Rainier Board of Election -- once just a small committee that got together every two years to hold elections on election day. Today it is a vibrant board that is trained and fully functioning throughout the year to improve our elections, set policies and carries out elections that are efficient and accountable.

Started an annual program to recognize Veterans in our community – Having lived in Mount Rainier for years, I wondered why we did not honor our Veterans.  So, a program was developed and implemented to honor Mount Rainier Veterans for their service.  A program that is well attended and appreciated by our Veterans.

Emergency Preparedness Committee -- a group or residents and others that are committed to being prepared to help other residents in the event of a disaster or major emergency. Although this concept was introduced some years ago, it did not have the follow-through to make it happen. Today, we have more than twenty-three (23) individuals trained and working together to make our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) a reality. April 1 and 2 the Team was trained in CERT and complimented on how organized and functional they were compared to other small municipalities. This is an ongoing process.

Bike Coop/Tool Shed -- The City has won awards for these programs, and although in need of some tender loving care, they are still functional. Recently, the City was told that it needed $44,000+ to make some needed repairs.
By reaching out to the community for volunteers, the repairs are being made. Supplies are being donated, and a request has been made to the State for a grant to help get both programs back up in tip top shape. Many have told me that they moved to this City because of these two programs. Some of our children have bikes because of the Bike Coop.

Youth and Recreation program -- came out of a need to provide activities for our youth that of 12 to 21. In Mount Rainier, there are no programs for our youth or seniors for that matter. With the creation of this committee, numerous programs were implemented. The first skate park in the County was built in Mount Rainier. Seniors have enjoyed trips to the White House Gardens, on the Spirit of Washington and the Odyssey. Most at no cost to the City because of grants obtained. This program was taken over by Christopherson four years ago, and only in the past few months was it brought back alive and staffed with volunteers. No programs implemented, but this committee now has THREE MEMBERS.

Evictions and utility program -- working with the Associated Churches for Community Service (ACCS), several evictions have been stopped. Utilities have been paid, and residents are still living in their homes that would have otherwise been put up for sale. Organized and in operation since 2005.

Food baskets -- Annually, Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets are provided to residents who are in need of assistance. It is a community effort, but many of our corporate partners assist in this endeavor along with many of the churches through ACCS. Each year the number of families served increased. 2016 more than 300 baskets were delivered throughout the community.

Worked closely with the School Board representative Amber Waller to eliminate the mud and safety concern on the Thomas Stone playground that resulted in the creation of additional parking. Still working on other safety issues including the asbestos issue at Thomas Stone Elementary that was "removed" over the spring break. Also worked on and still working on issues around overcrowding in the two elementary schools in our City.

Other achievements include -- ORIGINAL IDEAS put into actions:

-- Community Programs
Mount Rainier’s Community Garden
Mount Rainier’s Green Plan
Mount Rainier’s basketball court
Midnight Basketball for youth
Mount Rainier’s Senior Program
Mount Rainier’s Veteran Day Program
Mount Rainier’s faith-based Community Program
Thanksgiving Basket Program
Christmas Basket Program
Acquiring Soccer Equipment for Thomas Stone Elementary
Mount Rainier Day Festival – annually
First trained and certified Roadside Tree Expert
CERT Trained in 2005 and re-certified 2017
First Aid, CPR, and AED re-certified 2017
Purchased the Bass Property
Purchased the Dudley Funeral Home
Bought the Eastern Star/Potts Hall
Instrumental in securing the Mount Rainier Nature Center/30th Street and now on Arundel Road

--- City Improvements
Downtown Revitalization and clean up
Computers for the library
New equipment for public works
Updated cars for police department including an electric car
Revitalized the Mount Rainier Board of Elections
Created the Mount Rainier Youth and Recreation Committee
Created the Mount Rainier Green Team
Registered City with Sustainable Maryland to qualify for funding programs

--City Awards and Achievements
Banner City for municipal government every year except one
Sustainable Maryland Certified (SMC) founding member
MML Medium Cities Award for Tool Shed
MML Medium Cities Award for Bike Coop

These are a few of the opportunities that are part of what has been done and continues to be a part of what I see as making Mount Rainier a welcoming and caring community -- a destination for young, old, LGBT, Asians, Hispanics, Nigerians, Jamaicans, Europeans, Germans, and others.

As with all things, nothing was done alone (relationships and cooperation on the Council, residents, County, State, and Federal governments), but the vision, the drive, and the continued push forward have been my contributions to Mount Rainier and its economic growth.

Many of these initiatives were NOT funded by City tax dollars but from grants and other in-kind resources.

Something else to think about.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Another Mount Rainier Resident Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for Re-election!

Everyone talks about the quality of life issues in Mount Rainier. Many of our residents are barely holding on to what they have earned to sustain - a quality of retirement that provides food, shelter, health care, and support their meager lifestyle.

I have known, Mayor Malinda Miles for more than forty years. She has worked diligently for Mount Rainier and its residents.

I live in Rainier Manor because when I was unable to find housing Mayor Miles stepped forward and helped me to get into my current unit.

She has collected money to help other seniors in Rainier Manor remain in their units. Mayor Malinda Miles cares about people in all walks of life.

I am supporting her re-election because she understands the struggle of those less well off in our community. Washington Armstrong, III, resident.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Senator C. Anthony Muse ENDORSES Mayor Malinda Miles for Re-Election

I have known Mayor Malinda Miles for many years.  I have known her to be a trusted and untiring servant of the people. I believe she is driven by the love for those she serve, and her vision to make life better for her constituents. I am proud to stand with her as the mayor now and her re-election bid.

Mayor Malinda Miles has built relationships across Prince George’s County and indeed the State as she sought to represent Mount Rainier.

When Mayor Miles speaks, people in other elected offices listen.  When she speaks about her City, she always states that she is representing the “great” City of Mount Rainier.   She markets Mount Rainier at every level of government, and as a result, Mount Rainier has become a destination for many.  Senator C. Anthony Muse, Former State Delegate, Founder and Senior Pastor, Ark of Safety Christian Church, Upper Marlboro.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mount Rainier City Manager Invites Residents to Come in and Discuss the Budget withHer!

The Mayor and City Council are currently in the process of reviewing the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1,2017 to June 30, 2018) Budget. The proposed budget can be accessed on the city website via this link:

Paper copies of the budget are also available at City Hall. The proposed budget document is about 100 pages long. In an effort to assist residents in understanding the budget and the budget process I will be holding open office hours to answer any questions you may have on the budget, tax rate, where funds come from and where they go, etc... Below I have listed the places and times I will hold open office hours. I am also available to schedule individual appointments if you are unable to attend the open office hours.

If you know of a resident who has questions on the budget but needs language assistance, we have Spanish, French, and Farsi speakers on staff at City Hall who can assist or we can reach out to the embassies to arrange translation help if another language is needed.

Open Office Hours:

Friday April 21st: 9am to 1pm at City Hall

Saturday April 22nd: 11am to 2pm at Spring Egg Hunt at the Nature Center, come stop by the City Table where I will have paper copies of the budget and other flyers and information on City events (Spanish and Farsi translators on-site)

Tuesday April 25th: 3pm to 7pm at City Hall

Monday May 1st (Election Day): 7am to 5pm at the Mount Rainier Police Department Community Room (Spanish translator on-site)

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Miranda Braatz
City Manager
City of Mount Rainier
One Municipal Place
Mount Rainier, MD 20712


Mount Rainier's Mayor and Council have NO control over what goes on in our schools. Decisions about the schools are made by the Prince George's County School Board. Mount Rainier is represented by one Board member elected by the residents of our District

Amber Waller represented our District for some years, and we worked closely together to stop the flooding on Thomas Stone Elementary's parking lot. We worked together to ensure full staffing at Mount Rainier Elementary and Thomas Stone.

Here is her endorsement for Mayor Malinda Miles and her Campaign.


Mayor Malinda Miles gives of herself unconditionally to the greater Mount Rainier community around the clock, in all kinds of weather, in good health and not so good, willingly and to all who will receive with a smile.

Mayor Miles is interested in the well-being of the whole family--feeding, clothing, engaging the community with progressive conversation. She realizes that children are our future and supports and provides programs with the neighborhood schools for families and staff.

Mayor Miles sacrifices time from her family for others, and her home is always open to others.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with Mayor Miles, and I have found her to be helpful and insightful for the greater community's problems and needs. She has values and is not afraid to take a stand, even if she has to stand alone to represent all the people. She listens closely to the public's questions and concerns and then makes a decision. 

Her leadership and commitment to serving the City of Mount Rainier, Maryland are known far and wide. We need more leaders that represent all of the people all of the time! Amber Waller, former School Board Representative, Former member of the Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee, and currently president of Eighth Precinct Civic Association.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Re-elige la Alcaldesa Miles para Alcalde

Una Ciudad. Una Comunidad. Una Voz.

La alcalde Miles ha dirigido la gran ciudad de "Mount Rainier" de manera honorable y apasionada por los 煤ltimos doce a帽os. Hay todav铆a m谩s por hacer, y ella est谩 lista, dispuesta, y capacitada para hacer el trabajo.

脷nete a ella en este esfuerzo por apoyar su propuesta de re-elecci贸n.
La Alcaldesa Malinda Miles naci贸 en Screven, Georgia, pero ha servido como alcalde de Mount Rainier desde el 2005. La alcalde Miles es una residente de largo tiempo en la gran ciudad de Mount Rainier, y lo ha sido desde 1968. Ella crio a sus cuatro hijos adultos en Esta comunidad, y los educ贸 en las escuelas p煤blicas del Condado de Prince George. La Alcalde Miles tiene una gran pasi贸n por la ciudad de Mount Rainier, y ella ha proporcionado muchos dedicados a帽os de servicios.

La Alacalde Miles es una exitosa ejecutiva de negocios con experiencia y conocimiento en operaciones de negocios, administraci贸n financiera, desarrollo e implementaci贸n de pol铆ticas. Ella utiliza sus conocimientos para mejorar su comunidad y apoyar la revitalizaci贸n, la educaci贸n y la reducci贸n de nuestras huellas en el medio ambiente. La Alcalde Miles cree que la planificaci贸n y revitalizaci贸n en Mount Rainier debe incluir a sus residentes, empresas y visitantes. Ella ha representado y seguir谩 representando efectivamente a los ciudadanos de la ciudad de Mount Rainier en todo el estado de Maryland.

En su carrera profesional y pol铆tica, La Alcalde Miles ocup贸 cargos de liderazgo. Ella ha servido en el condado y en el nivel estatal. Sus funciones incluyen presidenta, vicepresidenta, secretaria, tesorera, organizadora y mentora de organizaciones tales como la Asociaci贸n Municipal del Condado de Prince George (PGCMA), la Liga Municipal de Maryland (MML), la Asociaci贸n de Alcaldes de Maryland (MMA), la Asociaci贸n de Alcaldes de Color de Maryland, y Mujeres Municipales Elegidas del Condado de Prince George.

Re-elige la Alcaldesa Miles para Alcalde

Little Friends for Peace endorses Malinda Miles for Mayor

"Our Campaign" candidate, Mayor Malinda Miles has been asked one question over and over -- "Why would you want to keep working for this City?"
Here is an endorsement from the Little Friends of Peace: 

Mayor Malinda Miles amazing and full of the spirit of giving and caring.
We are in awe of all she has done and continues to do for the City and the residents of Mount Rainier.

Malinda, you have done so much for our little city and put in so many years and hours we are curious what is driving you to put in more time and projects, and energy? Others are asking, so I want to be prepared to share. MJ Park a long-time resident, and founder of Little Friends for Peace that has operated in the Washington Metropolitan area for years.

MJ you can tell them that the drive comes from within; pride in our hometown, love for our people; the desire to make a difference, and the need to ensure that Mount Rainier be the best it can be in reducing our footprint on the environment, staying a community where diversity is cherished, and where families can still live, work and play together.

MJ, it is home to my family, and you ALWAYS take care of home! You can go home when you can't go anywhere else.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Delegate Jimmy Tarlau Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for Re-Election

As "Our Campaign" moves into the last two weeks before the May 1, 2017, election, we will be sharing some of the endorsements that Mayor Malinda Miles have received. This one is from Delegate Jimmy Tarlau who served with her on the Mount Rainier City Council.

"Mayor Miles has led our city through bad times and good times. She has helped our City prosper while maintaining the diversity and unique character that we cherish in our community." Delegate Jimmy Tarlau, former City Councilmember, and resident of Mount Rainier, MD.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mayor Malinda Miles' Re-Election Campaign NEEDS Financial support

You know your campaign is rocking when you KEEP ON running out of literature, signs, and T-SHIRTS for your volunteers.

I just have to raise some more capital to finance this campaign business!
You can help! One Thousand brochures printed back and front three colors is $169.00

One sign printed front and back three colors with stakes is $6. Minimum order 50.

Our Campaign T-shirts printing cost three colors is $10. Minimum order 50.


Send Check or Money Order to
Mayor Malinda Miles, Candidate
P. O. Box 0068 | Mount Rainier, MD 20712
DONATIONS also welcomed at

Remember to RE-ELECT Mayor Malinda Miles on May 1, 2017; One Municipal Place | Mount Rainier, MD 20712
Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Former Delegate Doyle Niemann Endorses Malinda Miles for Re-Election for Mayor

In 1980, I when I was campaigning to become Prince George;s County School Board Representative, I met a young man named Doyle Niemann. We had a lot in common, and our friendship has grown over the years.
We have worked on Mount Rainier's issues and revitalization together every since.

His endorsement speaks volume for me, and I thank him for still believing in my leadership for our great City. Here is what he had to say about my candidacy for re-election:

There is a lot of talk these days about what a diverse community we are.
Malinda Miles makes that real. No other political leader, myself included, has her demonstrated ability to bring blacks and whites and, now, Hispanics together -- apartment dwellers and homeowners, new residents and old-timers, young and old.

In so many, often invisible, ways, she has made things happen in our community. We need her skills, energy, and experience. There is much more she can contribute when we reelect her as our Mayor on May 1st. Doyle Niemann, former Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee, Mount Rainier City Councilmember, School Board Representative, and long-term State Delegate, and long-time resident of Mount Rainier, MD.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mount Rainier Day Festival, Saturday, May 20, 2017

 RESIDENTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, NEIGHBORS, ELECTED OFFICIALS, and VISITORS, The Mount Rainier Day Festival is happening on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

YES, there will a parade -- You can join the parade, watch the parade, walk with the parade, and MAKE THE PARADE one of the best yet.

VENDORS -- Are you a vendor? Well, you NEED to be a vendor at this GREAT outdoor event. Call Mount Rainier City Hall and sign up today. We expect a good crowd, and you will be glad to have your goods and wares available.

Where are all of the ENTERTAINERS -- They are going to be at MOUNT RAINIER DAY, and you won't want to miss them. There is still time to be a part of the lineup. City Hall will take your call.

Where is this City Hall -- thought you would never ask, Mount Rainier City Hall is located at ONE MUNICIPAL PLACE. The phone number is 301-985-6585. MAKE THA CALL TODAY to volunteer and get more information about WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MAKE THE MOUNT RAINIER DAY FESTIVAL A great success!

I WILL see you there.

Resident endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for Mayor

Another Our Campaign endorser had this to say about Mayor Malinda Miles.

I admire the efforts in organizing putting together Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for families in our City who would otherwise go without. Megan Owens, resident and supporter of Our Campaign

Johnathan Haskett, Long-time resident and member of Our Revolution

One of Our Campaign Endorsers speaking about Mayor Malinda Miles:

I wanted to take a moment to put forward my endorsement of Malinda Miles for Mayor of Mount Rainier Maryland. I think she is an excellent Mayor and the right person to continue to provide leadership and accomplishment for our city. The Mayor has a real understanding of the complexities of the challenges that we face and combines this with a real, practical, “no – nonsense – get – things –done” outlook.

The Mayor has provided far-sighted leadership on immigration and community policing that has made our neighborhoods safer and improved police – community relations. The Mayor has been a “mover” with hands-on effectiveness, on community development and creating opportunities for our youth, in terms of positive recreation. 

Finally, and certainly not least, it is fair to say that the Mayor is a big-hearted person. The way that she has stepped in to help people facing eviction and seniors in need of help after a storm, is a real-world example of this. I support Malinda Miles candidacy for Mayor fully and without reservation and I hope you will join me in helping her to win re-election. Johnathan Haskett, Long-time resident

Former Mayor Roger Rudder Endorses Mayor Malinda Miles for re-election

Relationships are crucial to being Mayor of a City. with border cities, it is necessary to work together to accomplish goals.

Here is an endorsement from a former Mayor of Brentwood, MD.

As a former mayor of Brentwood, I have had the opportunity to work with and serve with Mayor Miles. As any one of the mayors of other municipalities will tell you. Mayor Miles never ceases to advocate for her beloved City Mt Rainier. She is the best candidate for the job. Former Mayor and Resident of Brentwood, MD, Roger Rudder.

Recent endorsements for the Re-Election of Mayor Malinda Miles

As "Our Campaign" moves forward, we have received lots of endorsements. Here is the latest one.

Mayor Malinda Miles has done a magnificent job as Mt. Rainier's leader for many years. Everywhere I go people know about the town and its leader.

I urge citizens of Mount Rainier to re-elect Mayor Miles. What you need is experience, knowledge, and you have to know people and have those relations.

Mount Rainier's progress through the years is because Mayor Miles has been effective in networking with the right people. And she has the knowledge about laws and restrictions. I come to her for advice. Many of you have come to her for advice.

Don't you want to have that personal relationship with your leader? I KNOW YOU DO!

RE-ELECT MALINDA MILES AS MAYOR OF Mount Rainier. Current Mayor and resident of North Brentwood Maryland. Mayor Petrella Robinson.

Friday, April 07, 2017

PGEMW/WINGS Wine and Cheese Reception

Women In Government Services (WINGS) and Prince George's Elected Municipal Women (PGEMW) are co-sponsoring their "Wine and Cheese Reception."

The PGEMW/WINGS wine and cheese reception is tomorrow, Saturday, April 8, 2017, from 5 pm to 8 pm in Laurel, MD.

WINGS members are encouraged to attend and to reach out and extend an invitation to others. Also, we have been asked to bring a bottle of wine to make sure that we do not run out of wine. WINGS is co-sponsoring the event, and we are making a financial contribution.

The agenda will have Guest Speaker: Diane Penkova Fink, Executive Director of Emerge Maryland and there will be an opportunity to mingle and network.

Event Location: Laurel Greenview Drive Cabana, 14403 Greenview Drive, Laurel, MD 20707.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Click here to donate to Our Campaign

The Mount Rainier election is drawing rapidly to an end.

Our Campaign is still trying to reach every household in the City. Yes, we are knocking on doors, putting up signs, and handing out flyers.

The signs and flyers are expensive, and your donations help us reach out to our residents.

Haven’t made a donation to Our Campaign, PLEASE make your donation TODAY! It's easy, just click on this link

Thank you in advance.

Want to donate to Our Campaign? Click here

The Mount Rainier election is drawing rapidly to an end.

Our Campaign is still trying to reach every household in the City. Yes, we are knocking on doors, putting up signs, and handing out flyers.

The signs and flyers are expensive, and we depend on donations to help us reach ALL of, our residents.
If you have not made a donation to Our Campaign, PLEASE make a donation TODAY! It's easy, just click on this link
Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Someone asked today "What is Our Campaign?"

I said "One City! One Community! One Voice!" Our Campaign is about being an inclusive community that represents ALL people regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic.

Our Campaign and its supporters view all residents as important, necessary and valued in making our community not only a "City on the Move" but a destination for those who embrace these values.

Our Campaign embraces the concept of One City! One Community! One Voice!

I was so glad that she asked.

Join Our Campaign today by emailing and joining the Campaign.  

Mayor Malinda Miles, Candidate 
P. O. Box 0068 | Mount Rainier, MD 20712
DONATIONSneeded and welcomed at
RE-ELECT Mayor Malinda Miles on May 1, 2017
One Municipal Place | Mount Rainier, MD 20712
Polls  are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Gateway Arts District Studio TOUR -- May 13, 2017

We're excited to announce that the 13th Annual Gateway Open Studios Tour will take place on Saturday, May 13, 2017, from 12-5pmParticipant Registration is now open, and we hope you will take a moment to sign up.

Every spring, this one-day festival allows hundreds of attendees a behind-the-scenes opportunity to meet artists and explore creative spaces throughout the Gateway Arts District. The event showcases our local diversity and uniqueness as well as our high-quality dining and shopping options.

Whether you are an artist working out of your home, a well-established gallery owner, or a local business owner, Open Studios Tour is a chance to promote your craft, connect with your neighbors, and take part in a community celebration that people of all ages, near and far, look forward to each year.

To participate, register here. Please note that the deadline to be included on the tour map is Friday, April 21, and registration is limited to locations within the neighborhoods of Mount Rainier, Brentwood, North Brentwood, and Hyattsville. If you have questions, email Jordan Dyniewski, 2017 OST Event Manager, at, and find more information at .

In the coming weeks, we'll host events and workshops to help you get excited and ready for the tour. Don't miss our kick-off event, which will be held on April 14th, 6:30 pm, at our Media Arts Lab, 3311 Rhode Island Ave., Mount Rainier, MD. We'll also have printed posters, postcards, and other materials to help promote the event and to help promote you.

Stay tuned for more details!

The tour won't be complete without you, so please sign up to participate! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Know someone else who would be interested? 

Did someone share this email with you? Sign up now.