Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mount Rainier seeks proposals from qualified developers!

January 31, 2012

The City of Mount Rainier is seeking proposals from qualified developers for the purchase and redevelopment of an approximately 32,906 square foot site located in the Town Center of the City of Mount Rainier, at the northeast corner of the intersection of Eastern Avenue in Mount Rainier, Maryland. Bid package documents are available via a link on the city’s website at www.mountrainiermd.org. Users are directed to click on the Economic Development tab on the home page, and then click on the “documents” tab on the left hand column to download the following documents and links:

• Mount Rainier Town Center Urban Renewal Plan (June 2004)
• Site Analysis Torti Gallas and Partners, March 31, 2010
• Land Disposition Agreement (LDA)
• Market Study: Partners for Economic Solutions/Green Door Advisors, May 25, 2009
• RFP for Mount Rainier Town Center Development (January 31, 2012)
• Site Boundary Survey (January 2011)
• Zoning, Prince George’s County, SUBTITLE 27. ZONING http://egov.co.pg.md.us/lis/default.asp?File=&Type=TOC
• Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission Mixed Use Town Center (M-U-T-C) guidelines http://www.pgplanning.org/Resources/Publications/Mount_Mount_Rainier_MixedUse.htm
• Approved Section and Section Map Amendment for the Gateway Arts District (11/04 http://www.pgplanning.org/page10253.aspx

An informational meeting pre/bid conference is scheduled for February 29, 2012 at the City of Mount Rainier Municipal Building, One Municipal Place, Mount Rainer, MD 20712.

Please feel free to direct inquiries to Jeannelle Wallace, City Manager, at the above referenced phone number or by email to jwallace@mountrainiermd.org

Sunday, January 22, 2012


The Maryland General Assembly will be discussing the following potential sources of new income form Maryland, and I need YOUR opinions on each of them.

Would you be supportive of a new

· Gas Tax

· Gambling Slots

· Bag Tax

· Sales Tax increase

· $100K+ income tax increase (recently proposed by Governor O’Malley)-- the numbers provided below are extremely rough estimates.

Here's additional information for you to consider on each of the above as provided by Senator Victor Ramirez.

· Gas Tax -- A 15 cent gas tax is proposed over a 3 year period expected to generate $471 million in revenues for the State.

Gambling Slots/Tables -- Slots only are expected to generate $360 million

Slots and table games are expected to generate an estimated $650 million

5-cent Bag Tax -- This is a fee to be charged and collected per disposable carryout bag provided to a customer. This is a fee not subject to sales or use tax. Stores may retain 1 cent of every nickel fee collected. If they opt to participate in a credit program then they may retain 2 cents for every nickel. This bill may prove to have a substantial positive financial impact on small businesses. The bill is expected to generate $5 million for the state after small business deductions. The revenue estimate is based on estimated participation rates.

· Online Sellers Sales Tax – expected to generate $21 million

· Income tax increase and caps on personal exemptions for singles making over $100k and couples making over $150k -- expected to generate $280 million

SEND your response to mayormiles@gmail.com. NEEDED ASAP!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MAIL FRAUD -- If it is too good to be true, it is PROBABLY not True!

Mount Rainier's Police Chief reported the following:

Mail fraud – 1:15 pm. Officers spoke with the victim who said that she had received a letter notifying her that she had won $125,000. The letter included a check for $3,875 to cover taxes on the winnings and instructions that she was to cash the check and then send the money to an address in London, England via Western Union. Several days after complying with this process she was informed by her bank that the check she cashed was no good.

Residents, usually, NO ONE gives away money. If it is too good to be true, before you accept it on face values, thoroughly check it out before getting caught up in it and taken to the cleaners. This is a hard lesson to learn, but an ounce of prevention is often better than a pound of cure.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stay AWAY from "Forensic Loan Audits."

Escalating foreclosures provide criminals with the opportunity to exploit and defraud vulnerable homeowners seeking financial guidance. One of the newest foreclosure rescue schemes, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is known as a "forensic loan audit." In exchange for an up-front fee of several hundred dollars, so-called forensic loan auditors, mortgage loan auditors, or foreclosure prevention auditors who are backed by forensic attorneys, offer to review mortgage loan documents.

The documents are reviewed to determine whether a homeowner's lender complied with state and federal mortgage lending laws. The "auditors" claim you can use the audit report to avoid foreclosure, speed up the loan modification process, reduce the loan principal, or even cancel the loan. According to the FTC and its law enforcement partners, there is no evidence that forensic loan audits will help get a loan modification or any foreclosure relief. To make their pitch, this new breed of foreclosure rescuer looks for homeowners in distress, especially those already facing foreclosure.

For more information see the Consumer Affairs website at http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2011/12/dont-fall-for-a-loan-audit-scam.html

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mayor and Council Work Session Agenda 1/17/2012

7:00 PM


Develop criteria for 3200 block of Rhode Island Avenue /Council / 30 minutes
Permanent barriers at Perry Street location /Bolin/Jan Townshend / 20 minutes
CIP Plan – Discussion /Council/Mike Jackson / 15 minutes
Purchasing Ordinance /Ivy Thompson / 15 minutes
Code Enforcement Compliance Committee /Mayor Miles / 15 minutes
Assistance Fund for Mount Rainier Residents in Need /Tarlau / 10 minutes
Recreation Council requirements (partnership with Town of Brentwood?) / Mayor
Federal Highway Enhancement Program /Updike / 10 minutes
MR Sustainability Plan/ Sustainable Maryland Certified /Updike / 10 minutes
Uncurbed food truck temporary suggestions for vacant spaces /Mayor / 10 minutes

General public comment limited to one minutes per person per subject matter

Rules for Speakers

The Mayor and City Council invite and welcome comments at public meetings. The Mayor or presiding officer will recognize you. Please introduce yourself at the podium (spelling your last name, for recording purposes) and give the name of your street and block number (e.g., 4300 block of 34th St.). Time limits for speaking are indicated on the meeting agenda.
While speaking, please maintain a courteous tone and avoid personal attacks.

If you wish to lodge a complaint about the performance or conduct of any City employee, please bring your concern to the attention of the City Manager, who will look into the matter and respond to you.

As a courtesy to other residents and businesses, the Council requests that speakers not use specific addresses or names of individuals when describing a situation or making a complaint. Noting the block is preferred over a specific address.

Code enforcement and public safety issues should first be brought to the attention of the appropriate department and/or one of your Council members.

Please Note: Pursuant to the Annotated Code of Maryland, State Government Article Section 10-508(a), the Council by majority vote may retire to executive or closed session at any time during the meeting. Should the Council retire to executive or closed session, the chair will announce the reasons and a report will be issued at a future meeting disclosing the reasons for such session.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

THANK YOU to Mount Rainier's Police Department

A Mount Rainier resident sent a major shout out to the Mount Rainier Police Department. Here's what she said:

Chief Scott,

We just wanted to write to thank you and your officers for responding to the calls for police attention at ________. A couple of weeks ago -- the call for the woman screaming/fighting with someone in their back yard that resulted in a couple of arrests. We are right next door to that house and it is a constant problem -- people hanging out in front (or in back) all night being loud, yelling, carrying on, drinking, doing PCP, throwing trash all over the block, and who knows what else -- and since that arrest, the house has been quiet. I guess the young man who was arrested who lives there doesn't want to jeopardize his bond. In any case, we just wanted to let you know that we very much appreciated the police department's intervention. I know you all were just doing your job, but it has meant a rare period of peace and quiet for the block that is much needed.


What's the message here? Here things, see things, know things that are suspicious in our neighborhood -- CALL OUR POLICE 301-985-6565! The response time is quick, and the officers know our neighborhood.

FiOS TV Enhanced for Business package will be increasing by $10.00 a month

This is to inform you of rate changes to Verizon’s FiOS® TV for business service as fully described in the attached customer notice. Due to the rising cost of providing quality premium programming, the FiOS TV Enhanced for Business package will be increasing by $10.00 a month, effective March 17, 2012.

We realize that our customers have other alternatives for entertainment and our goal is to offer the best choice and value in the industry. Verizon appreciates the opportunity to conduct business in your community.

Should you or your staff have any questions, please contact me at 212-406-6443 or email darian.e.gill@verizon.com.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr Celebration

On Monday, January 16, 2012, Joe's Movement Emporium will host the third annual MLK program. RESIDENTS, VISITORS, NEIGHBORING COMMUNITIES are invited to come out and be a part of this great celebration.


10-11:30am Community Activity and Projects with Quilt of Valor

11:30am to 1:00pm A Grand Performance

1:00pm until 2ish Lunch

There will be guests speakers

Buffalo Baptist Church Choir

Students in Art Education will also be performing

Want to RSVP: VISIST www.joesmovement.org

WE WANT TO SEE YOU THERE: 3309 Bunker Hill Road Mount Rainier, MD 20712-1922

(301) 699-1819

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Want to Become a MASTER GARDNER?


The Maryland Master Gardener Program is designed to train participants as volunteer horticultural educators to help Maryland residents.

Participants receive 50 hours of basic training from University faculty staff and Master Gardeners, and complete 40 hours of required volunteer service during the first year to receive certification.


DATES: Monday, March 5th and every Monday and Wednesday until May 9th

TIME: 6:00pm – 9:30pm every Monday and Wednesday.

PLACE: 4-H Center, College Park, MD

COST: $200 for Prince George’s County residents; $300 for non county residents

Interested?? Contact Esther Mitchell at estherm@umd.edu or 301 868-8781 for an application.

Please consider your time, whether you will be able to complete the training, and, the required 40 hours of volunteer service.

Just heard from Christie Balch, and I wanted to pass along the word about the Master Gardener Program in Prince George’s County. The flyer is posted in this message. A volunteer application can be picked up from Mount Rainier City Hall. For more info, contact Esther Mitchell at estherm@umd.edu.

The Mount Rainier Tool Shed Committee is supporting this endeavor and encourage interested RESIDENTS to PLEASE participate.