Friday, August 28, 2015

Internal Revenue Service Warns of Phone Scam

No one is above a GOOD SCAM!  I almost became a victim of a scam this morning.  Getting the call from 7038797047, I thought it was one of the grandchildren calling until the person identified himself as Officer (the first time, and when I called back he became Investigator) Mark Anderson.  He gave his badge number as 277049 and his IRS employee number as 4530 and my case number as MA4683.

He further state that my criminal case ID Number was CPLCDL63C575748.  Then he quoted several IRS Secs and numbers, and it went on and on and on.  Half asleep I could not imagine why there was a criminal case against me and why I would be notified of such a thing on the telephone.  He also stated that an investigator had been to my house three times and my neighbors told him that I was never there and was always unavailable.  Therefore, a lien was being processed, and a criminal warrant had been issued to arrest me immediately, and that the sheriff's department would be at my door immediately to arrest me.

He then offered me two solutions:  Settle with hi or go to court after being in jail for 72 hours.  Going to court would cost me $72,000 or more with lawyer fees etc.  HE ENCOURAGED STRONGLY that I go on a payment plan with first $600, then $500, and final $300 down and $200 a month so that I could keep my good name.  Throughout the call, he did not use the words but dared me to hang up because the moment we lost contact the sheriff would be knocking on the door to arrest me.

Long story short he wanted me to pay him immediately, and wanted my bank information so they could guarantee the payment was made today.  If not they would lien my house, my car, my bank account and any joint accounts that may exist anywhere.  HE GOT NOTHING.  I called my daughter to come over.  I also told him I was calling my tax accountant, and my attorney.  I informed him that he needed to stay on the phone until they could get here to speak with him.

Unlike any government service in America, I called back, and a Ms. Marian Kennedy answered on the first ring., and strangely enough while I was talking with her. Officer Anderson was calling me on my other line.  DEAD GIVEAWAY.  He pretended that he had never called my number.  My daughter arrived and called the same number and got Ms. Mariam Kennedy again.  She asked to speak to her supervisor, and the phone immediately went dead.

Why am I telling you all of this?  No one told me, and I had not heard of it.  HOWEVER, the same person called my grandson a week earlier and tried the same scam, and my daughter a week or two before that.  Neither told me and here this morning they are calling me.  NO MONEY lost in either case.   DON'T GET TAKEN.

My banker whom I told this to this morning said that he heard of this scam and had experienced a babysitting scam trying to be carried out in his bank yesterday.  BE CAREFUL.  PLEASE know that IRS will NOT CALL YOU ABOUT SUCH MATTERS.  Remember that they DO NOT NEED THE LOCAL SHERIFF OR LAW ENFORCEMENT TO COME to ARREST YOU.

Here is what was put out by the IRS on this Scam:
FBI San DiegoSeptember 29, 2014
  • Darrell Foxworth(858) 320-8302

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has received reports related to a telephone scam in which the caller purports to be an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) representative. Using intimidation tactics, the caller tries to take control of the situation from the beginning. The caller advises the recipient of the call that the IRS has charges against them and threatens legal action and arrest. If the recipient questions the caller in any way, the caller becomes more aggressive.
The caller continues to intimidate by threatening to confiscate the recipient’s property, freeze bank accounts, and have the recipient arrested and placed in jail. The reported alleged charges include defrauding the government, money owed for back taxes, law suits pending against the recipient, and nonpayment of taxes.
The recipients are advised that it will cost thousands of dollars in fees/court costs to resolve this matter. The caller creates a sense of urgency by saying that being arrested can be avoided and fees reduced if the recipient purchases MoneyPak cards to cover the fees within an hour.
Sometimes the caller provides specific instructions on where to purchase the MoneyPak cards and the amount to put on each card. The caller tells the recipient not to tell anyone about the issue and to remain on the telephone until the MoneyPak cards are purchased and the MoneyPak codes are provided to the caller. The caller states that if the call is disconnected for any reason, the recipient would be arrested. Some recipients reported once the caller obtained the MoneyPak codes, they were advised that the transaction took too long and additional fees were required.
Call recipients, who are primarily immigrants, reported that the caller spoke with broken English or stated the caller had an Indian accent. If you receive a call similar to this follow these tips:
  • Resist the pressure to act quickly.
  • Report the contact to TIGTA at by clicking on the red button, “IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting.”
  • Use caution when asked to use a specific payment method. The IRS would not require a specific payment method such as a MoneyPak card or wire transfer.
  • If you feel threatened, contact your local police department.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some energy saving tips that you can use!

Energy NOTE from Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

The typical U.S. family spends at least $2,200 a year on home utility bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Unfortunately, a lot of that money and energy is wasted.

"We are not as energy-conscious as we should be," said Glenn Thompson, regulatory and compliance inspector for DHCD's division of credit assurance. "Most Maryland homeowners don't know how easy it is to cut down energy use in their homes and save money on utility bills."

Buying a home may be the single largest investment you make. With down payment and mortgage costs, it's easy to forget bills like electric, water and waste disposal.

In addition to helping you finance you're (sic)house, we're here to help protect your investment, so we compiled a list of energy-saving tips to ensure that you're making smarter energy choices and saving money at the same time.

This week, we listed five cooling tips homeowners can use this summer.

Cooling Tips
Set your thermostat to the warmest comfortable temperature as possible. The less difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature, the less your air conditioner has to work and the lower your overall cooling bill will be.

Clean or change your air conditioner filter once a month as dirty filters can kill your AC's efficiency.
Insulate! Save money by checking your ducts in attics or crawl spaces for leaks. Seal them using mastic butyle tape or foil tape and avoid cloth-backed rubber adhesive duct tape.

Buy an energy-efficient air conditioner with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). Higher SEER ratings mean greater efficiency. The current minimum is 13. Also, make sure to look for ENERGY STAR and EnergyGuide labels.

Shade your air conditioner with a tree or a shrub to ease the strain on the motor, which reduces the demand for more energy.

You can also learn how to get innovative financing for energy efficiency improvements to your home through our Be SMART Home Loan program. Be SMART offers flexible financing of up to $25,000 for eligible homeowners.

We hope you apply these simple and low-cost energy tips to your home. Every week we'll share a new topic so don't forget to subscribe to our blog!

- Samantha Lozano

It is NEVER TOO EARLY to plan for our winter energy program!

Pepco Reminds Customers of Available Energy Assistance Programs
 August Declared LIHEAP Action Month

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition has declared August as Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Action Month. Pepco reminds its customers they have numerous options to apply for energy assistance including LIHEAP, which provides critical home heating and cooling assistance to those who qualify.

Customers can apply starting Oct. 1 through a network of local agencies.  In the District of Columbia, the Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) provides service to people who need energy assistance and want to be included in the Residential Aid Discount program. Residents must apply for assistance by calling 3-1-1 to schedule an in-person appointment or by completing an online application through the new DOEE web portal

In Maryland, LIHEAP funds are administered by the Department of Human Resources (DHR) through the Office of Home Energy Programs.

Additional available energy assistance programs include:

·        The Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) provides assistance with home heating bills. Limited assistance is available to replace broken or inefficient furnaces.
·        The Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) assists eligible low-income electric customers with their electric bills. Assistance is available whether you are an active customer or you are currently without service.
·        The Utility Service Protection (USPP) Program protects low-income families from utility cut-offs and allows MEAP eligible households to enter into a year-round unfluctuating monthly payment program with their utility company.
·        To apply for any of these programs, contact the Local Home Energy Programs Office in your area or call 1-800-352-1446 or visit for details.

“We are fortunate to have a wide range of programs throughout the Pepco region that offer our customers financial assistance with their electric bills,” said Felecia Greer, director, Customer Advocate. “We thank our legislators for their continued support of these critical programs and encourage residents of the District of Columbia and Maryland to take full advantage of the available financial assistance.”  

Pepco also partners with community-based organizations and social service agencies throughout both jurisdictions to ensure that low-income and at-risk customers are aware of the federal dollars available to help them with their utility bills.

Customers can contact Pepco Customer Care at 202-833-7500 to ask about Budget Billing or register for My Account, a web-based interactive tool that provides customers with a detailed analysis of their specific electric use and offers ways to save energy and money on their monthly energy bill.

For information about Pepco, visit Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter Our mobile app is available

Jerry Pasternak | Vice President

Pepco | Government Affairs & Public Policy
701 Ninth Street N.W. | Washington, DC 20068
o: 202-872-2524 | f: 202-872-2032 | 

Friday, August 14, 2015


Press Release

For immediate release:
August 14, 2015

For more information, contact:
Scott L. Peterson
Deputy Manager of Communications/Press Secretary
Cell: 240-619-9400

Statement of Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III
Purple Line

Upper Marlboro, MD – Today, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III released the following statement regarding negotiations with the State of Maryland over Purple Line contributions:

“Prince George’s County has agreed in concept with the State of Maryland to move the Purple Line forward.  We have agreed to increase our contribution by $20 million in exchange for construction of the Purple Line starting in Prince George’s County.  We also have agreed with the state that the primary command center will be located in the County.

Prince George’s County had previously committed $100 million toward the project.  I want to thank my colleagues on the County Council for their previous support and expect that they will continue to support this transformative project for the future of transportation, congestion alleviation, economic development as well as improving our environment and quality of life. 

We look forward to continuing to work with the State of Maryland, Montgomery County, our federal partners, and the private sector as we finalize the financing of this project in order to begin construction on the Purple Line in Prince George’s County.”

Deni Taveras --- Back 2 School Jam -- Free

Hello District 2!
I am excited to share with you information on the upcoming Langley Park TNI Back 2 School Jam on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at the Langley Park Community Center from 10:00 am - 1:00 pmPlease see the article below for more information as well as other exciting events happening in our community. Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

Thank You, 

Deni Taveras 
Council Member, District Two 

Monday, August 03, 2015



National Night Out (NTO) in Mount Rainier will e held on Tuesday, August 4 from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm in Kaywood Gardens.  There will be free hot dogs and hamburger; cotton candy, moon bounce, and lots of other entertainment.  Also, there will be information on how to be safe, keep your house safe, and an opportunity to meet local law enforcement.  Spread the word.

August 21, 2015, "The Whatcha Doin Seniors" will be sponsoring a cruise on the Spirit of Washington.  Seniors are invited to participate.  Open for free to the first 30 seniors.  This event is for seniors in Mount Rainier, and those attending Saint John's who helped to found this group.  Others are invited to join us, but must pay their fee at this time.  The fee is $50, but could go down if the group exceeds 50.

Public Safety Night (PSN) will be held the last Friday in September -- September 25.  The location has not been set, but more than likely it will be held at the Mount Rainier Nature Center.  PLEASE announce and mark your calendars.  This event will start at 6:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm.

Plans for a Veteran's Day celebration are under way.  If you know ANY VETERANS living in Mount Rainier, PLEASE provide me with their contact information OR have them contact me at  I would like to include them in our celebration.

The Whatcha Doin Seniors will be sponsoring a Christmas party on December 19, 2015.  Saint John's has agreed to host this event in their community room.  ALL seniors are welcome, but MUST register by December 11, 2015.  NOTE:  Saint John's and Rainier Manor -- the date has been changed from Sunday to Saturday.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Business Member of Mixed Use Town Center (MUTC) Needed! Want to help shape the Mount Rainier Downtown Area? Here is your OPPORTUNITY!

Mount Rainier’s vision for the Mixed Use Town Center (MUTC) Zone incorporates the existing positive attributes and potential opportunities to create a walkable, vibrant, and attractive locale for residents and visitors.  The MUTC Zone roughly consists of the commercial areas on Rhode Island Avenue, 34th Street, and Bunker Hill Road. The MUTC Design Review Committee’s primary role is to review all new development projects, site improvements, and exterior renovations of existing buildings within the MUTC Zone. 

Request: MUTC Business Rep Still Needed

The committee is comprised of 7 members, including 2 members from the business community in our city. Currently, there is one business representative slot open. It is important that the perspectives and concerns of our business owners are taken into account when these important decisions are made. In the past, this business positions have been difficult to fill. The business representative must have a business or property within the MUTC Zone. The person does not need to be a resident of the city.
If interested, please let me know ASAP and I can let you know about next steps. 

MUTC Committee Appointments

The most recent MUTC committee appointments are as follows:

Position Category


Business Rep

Anthony “Tony” Lee

Business Rep

Decision will be made in Sept meeting

Municipal Rep

Councilmember Tracy Loh
New Appointment

Municipal Rep

Former Councilmember
Brent Bolin

Residential Rep

Robin Bliss
Reappointed to the MUTC committee but moved from “Business Rep” slot to “Residential Rep” slot

Residential Rep

Michael Stachowicz
New Appointment

Design Professional

Eric “Jack” Baker

Shivali Shah, Councilwoman
Mount Rainier City Council

------------------Additional Information Added by Malinda Miles

The Mixed Use Town Center (MUTC) is a critical Committee.  Mayor and Council make a recommendation to the County for appointments to this Committee.  Member on the MUTC serve for two years.  Terms are staggered to retain continuity and historical memory of the Committee on various projects.

What are the requirements for serving on the MUTC?

1.   You Must be a business owner in the City of Mount Rainier (a business owner living in Mount Rainier would be ideal)

2.  The selected representative must be able to attend MUTC  meetings regularly and consistently

3.  Working with others is vital   to achieving desired outcomes are a must on the MUTC

4.  Representative should be able to dedicate up to 10 hours a month (hours may be more are less depending on the project under review by the MUTC Committee)

5.  As a committee member, the representative should be comfortable working in the public eye as meetings are open to the public

6.  Meetings are held at the Mount Rainier City Hall and are publicized in accordance with MUTC Guidelines

7.  The MUTC Committee makes written recommendations to the Mayor and Council

8.  Selected representative should be familiar with the MUTC guidelines or able to master them very quickly (copy available from City Hall)

How to apply?

Submission of your resume and a cover letter indicating your interest in serving (Submission may be by email or snail mail).  Should you decide to email the information, please email it to   Mayor and Council will receive the information.