Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mount Rainier's Election Board Receives TRAINING

On yesterday, members of the Mount Rainier Election Board took a ride to the Prince George's County Election Board to received training from the experts.

Those in attendance were Maxine Drakeford, Supervisor of Election, Dina Williams, Clerk/Judge, Karl (KC) Jones, Judge, Nichole Logan, Judge, Ophelia Baxter, Judge, and Matthew Weber, Judge.

Following their training, the Election Board, met at Mount Rainier City Hall for their first official meeting, and began their process of preparing for the upcoming City Elections.

Their three major goals are 1)  Increase voter registration, 2) Increase the number of voter to 1500, and 3)Get more residents living in apartments involved in the election process.

Look forward to seeing this energetic new team of leaders out and about in our neighborhood over the next several weeks.  They will be asking you to help get residents registered to vote as well as asking you to get registered to vote in the May 4th Election.

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