Saturday, March 25, 2017

Devon Brown Returns to Mount Rainier's City Council

So much is going on in the City and in my life at the moment, I FORGOT to tell you that Mount Rainier has a new/former Councilmember. Mr. Devon Brown was appointed unanimously by Mayor and Council to serve the remainder of former Councilmember Tracy Loh.

Thank you, Councilmember Brown, for agreeing to come back during budget season AND an election season.

Ward 1, please reach out to him over the next few weeks to welcome him. He is not new to the job and will represent you well.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Campaign is Meeting on Sunday at 5:00 pm

Your help and support are critical, and I NEED you on my team to win this election.

Sunday, I would like to meet with the "Our Campaign team" (that means YOU) at the IHOP on Bladensburg Road, Colmar Manor, MD at 5:00. pm. The purpose of the meeting is to organize, set up our walking schedules, talk about t-shirts, literature, yard signs, talking points about the campaign and answer your questions.

"Our Campaign" is open. This meeting and future meetings are open to all and will be announced so everyone can participate. Date, time and location will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, My Blog, and website. Those who provide email addresses will also be notified. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to seeing you at IHOP.

Come and bring a friend or neighbor.

Remember, we are One city! One Community! One Voice!

Mayor Malinda Miles, Candidate
P. O. Box 0068 | Mount Rainier, MD 20712
DONATIONS welcomed at
RE-ELECT Mayor Malinda Miles on May 1, 2017
One Municipal Place | Mount Rainier, MD 20712
Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's OFFICIAL, I am on the Ballot!

NOW, it is time to work Our Campaign! Many of you have asked how you can help.

Here is what Our Campaign needs:

1. Donation of your PERSONAL TIME
2. Donations to pay for signs and brochures
3. Donations of water/food for events and election day, and
4. YOUR VOTE, YOUR NEIGHBORS VOTE, and the vote of YOUR FRIENDS that live in Mount Rainier.

To support Our Campaign

Send an email to

Make a donation to

Hold a small get together with some of your neighbors and friends and invite me over to meet them
Order or pick up a sign for your yard (available after March 29)

Pick up some of my brochures and give them out in the neighborhood

THANK YOU, and I look forward to working with you and representing you on the Mount Rainier City Council!

One City! One Community! One Voice!

THANK YOU, and I look forward to working with you and representing you on the Mount Rainier City Council as the PEOPLE'S MAYOR!

Monday, March 20, 2017


All of my signatures and petitions were verified and validated today. I will be on the ballot for the May 1, 2017, election in Mount Rainier, MD!

Thank you to everyone that signed my petition. 

 Thank you to everyone who believes that WE CAN DO THIS. 

 One City! One Community. One Voice!

Mayor Malinda Miles for MAYOR on May 1, 2017.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Here is the City of Mount Rainier Maryland Existing Policy on Immigrants residing in the City of Mount Rainier. This policy has existed since 2008. It is LONG, but please read it in its entirety. Keep in mind, POLICIES are established by the Mayor and Council of Mount Rainier. Policy in the City does NOT apply to just one group of people but to all.


March 1, 2008 
March 1, 2009 

Chief Michael E. Scott Accreditation Standards: N/A Total Pages 3
This General Order consists of the following numbered sections:
I. Purpose
II. Policy
III. Restrictions upon Inquiries into and Reporting of Immigration Status
IV. Arrest for Immigration Law Violations
V. Assisting Other Agencies
VI. Contacts
I. Purpose
The purpose of this general order is to establish guidelines for Mount Rainier Police Department personnel regarding enforcement of the immigration laws of the United States of America.
II. Policy
Enforcement of the immigration laws of the United States is primarily the responsibility of the federal government. Accordingly, the Mount Rainier Police Department shall not undertake immigration-related investigations and shall not routinely inquire into the immigration status of persons encountered during police operations except as authorized in this general order. This prohibition does not preclude the Department from notifying federal immigration officials in serious situations where a potential threat to national security or the public is identified, nor does it prohibit cooperation with federal immigration authorities when required by federal law.
III. Restrictions upon Inquiries into and Reporting of Immigration Status
A. A person’s right to file a police report, report being the victim of a crime, report information as a witness to a crime or incident, participate in police-community activities, or otherwise benefit from police services is not contingent upon citizenship or immigration status, and officers shall not question any person about his or her immigration status.
Officers shall not inform federal immigration authorities of the whereabouts or behavior of any immigrant or foreign visitor, unless that person:
• Is physically arrested for suspected criminal activity and is not eligible for release on a citation, summons, or citation in lieu of arrest.
• Has been convicted of a felony and has been deported or left the country following the conviction.
• Is reasonably suspected of involvement in terrorism and/or subversive activities.
• Is reasonably suspected of participating individually or in an organized venture in human trafficking.
• Is reasonably suspected of participating in criminal street gang activity.
B. Officers shall not request passports, visas, “green cards,” consular identification cards,
or other travel documents as identification in lieu of, or in addition to driver’s licenses and similar standard forms of identification. Such documents shall only be requested when standard forms of identification are unavailable, or when the officer is proceeding under one of the conditions listed in Section III.A above. However, if an individual freely offers such documents as identification, officers are permitted to rely on those documents to establish the individual’s identity.
C. There is no general obligation on the part of Mount Rainier police officers to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding any person. However, a foreign national who is physically arrested for suspected non-immigration related criminal activity may be screened through the ICE Law Enforcement Support Center to determine if ICE wishes to detain the individual pursuant to an immigration related warrant or deportation order.
1. If ICE determines that an arrestee should be held on an immigration related warrant or deportation order, it should forward a detainer to DOC within two (2) hours of being notified that the individual is in custody. Once the ICE detainer is received, DOC personnel should hold the individual until an ICE representative arrives to take custody of him or her.
2. Officers shall not, for the purpose of facilitating ICE taking custody of the arrestee, extend their custody of the arrestee beyond the time required to process the arrest for suspected criminal activity. The officer shall return to service as soon as he or she has completed processing the arrestee on the charge(s) for which the individual was arrested.
D. A person arrested pursuant to a warrant initiated by another jurisdiction shall not be questioned about his or her citizenship or immigration status and officers shall not inform federal immigration authorities of their whereabouts or behavior. Any immigration related inquiries are the responsibility of the originating agency.
E. No person who is eligible for release on a citation, summons, or citation in lieu of arrest shall be physically arrested because of, or in order to determine, their legal status in the United States.
IV. Arrest for Immigration Law Violations
A. In accordance with Title 8 of the United States Code, §1252c officers may arrest an individual without a warrant upon confirmation from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that the individual:
1. Is a foreign national illegally present in the United States;
2. Has previously been convicted of a felony in the United States; and
3. Has either been deported, or left the United States after such conviction.

B. Officers shall not make arrests based solely on administrative warrants for arrest or
removal entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database, including administrative immigration warrants for persons with outstanding removal, deportation or exclusion orders. Enforcement of the civil provisions of U.S.
immigration law is the responsibility of federal immigration officials.
V. Assisting Other Agencies
A. Mount Rainier Police Department employees shall not assist outside law enforcement agencies with the investigation or arrest of individuals solely for civil violations of the immigration and nationality laws of the United States.
B. Section V.A. above does not prohibit employees from rendering back-up or other officer safety assistance to members of outside law enforcement agencies in the performance of their official duties and responsibilities. The Chief of Police or, in the Chief’s absence, the Assistant Chief of Police shall review and approve all requests for back-up or officer safety assistance to other agencies.
C. Except as required by any federal, state or international law or compact, no Mount Rainier Police Department employee shall release to any third party any information regarding the citizenship or residency status of any City resident.
VI. Contacts
A. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE):
SAC Baltimore
40 South Gay Street, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Main (410) 962-2620
Fax (410) 962-3469 SAC Washington, D.C.
 2675 Prosperity Avenue
Fairfax, Virginia 22031
Main (703) 285 6757
Fax (703) 285-670

End of Document


The Snow Emergency Operations team worked throughout the night last night and day today to keep the Mount Rainier community safe during the recent Winter Weather Event. The Public Works Department have cleared city streets and sidewalks of snow and sleet. To reduce the chance of refreezing tonight, Public Works crews will be treating the streets with rock salt, as necessary. 

As of Tuesday, March 14th, 3:00 pm, the Snow Emergency has been lifted. Mount Rainier City Hall will reopen Wednesday, March 15th. Wednesday Trash Collection will be postponed until Thursday, March 16th.

Please be aware that residential and commercial property owners must clear their sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall stops to allow safe travel for all users. Throwing snow from sidewalks and driveways into the street is prohibited. Put all cleared snow from parked cars and sidewalks in the front yard, or in the tree lawn between the curb and sidewalk. When traveling use extreme caution.

For questions or comments, please contact Kourosh Kamali at Jessica Love at

Snow Emergency UPDATE


The Public Works Department has worked through the night and is continuing work throughout the day to make sure that the roads are clear.
The Emergency Routes have been prioritized to allow emergency vehicle access and Public Works crews are now working our way through clearing the residential streets.

The crews are currently working to clear these secondary routes and sidewalks along City parks and facilities.

Equipment deployed includes three Ford F-350 pickup trucks, one heavy truck, one front loader bobcat, and shovels and snow blower. To reduce the chance of refreezing, salting will begin at 7:00 pm tonight as necessary.

Residential and commercial property owners must clear their sidewalks within 24 hours after snowfall stops to allow safe travel for all users. Throwing snow from sidewalks and driveways into the street is prohibited, put all cleared snow from parked cars and sidewalks in the front yard, or in the tree lawn between the curb and sidewalk. When traveling use extreme caution.

Mount Rainier City Hall is closed Tuesday, March 14th and regular operations have been suspended. 

Wednesday Trash Collection has been postponed until Thursday, March 16th. A Snow Emergency is in effect as of Monday, March 13th at 6:00 pm and will be lifted Tuesday, March 14th at 3:00 pm.

Parking on Snow Emergency Routes is prohibited while a Snow Emergency is in effect, vehicles in violation will be ticketed and towed.

Snow Emergency Routes are as follows:
34th Street from Eastern Avenue to Arundel Road
Chillum Road from Arundel Road to the City boundary at Queens Chapel Road, MD Rt. 500
Rainier Avenue from 34th Street to Upshur Street
Upshur Street from Rainier Avenue to 28th Place
28th Place from Upshur Street to Russel Avenue
Russel Avenue from 28th Place to Arundel Road
Varnum Street from Russel Avenue to Eastern Avenue
Arundel Road from Russel Avenue to 34th Street

For Snow Emergency questions or updates please call the Mount Rainier Snow Emergency Line: 202-731-0163 or contact Jessica Love at In case of emergency, call 911From

Mount Rainier Fully READY for Season's First REAL SNOW

Snow and freezing rain began around 7:00 pm on March 13th and the Public Works Department has been working through the night to ensure that emergency routes remain open and as clear as possible.
The city streets and sidewalks were salted in preparation for the winter weather event.
The traffic bollards at Perry Street and 31st Street were lowered to allow plowing and emergency access.
As snow and freezing rain accumulated throughout the night, three teams plowed streets using three Ford F-350 pickup trucks, one heavy truck, and one front loader bobcat.
Additional contract crew and equipment was mobilized and on standby from 8:00 to 11:00 last night. Crews will continue to clear the streets to allow for emergency vehicle access and then move to sidewalks at City properties, see sidewalk locations below.

The City Manager, Miranda Braatz has been overseeing emergency operations and the Director of Public Works Kourosh Kamali has been coordinating and overseeing the snow removal operation.

The Public Information Officer for Emergency Operations, Jessica Love has been monitoring the weather forecast and current conditions and coordinating with the Police Department. Despite the inclement weather, the Mount Rainier Police Department night shift was out in the community ensuring our safety.
Mount Rainier City Hall will be closed Tuesday, March 14th and regular operations have been suspended.

Wednesday Trash Collection has been postponed until Thursday, March 16th.

For Snow Emergency questions or updates please call the Mount Rainier Snow Emergency Line: 202-731-0163 or contact Jessica Love at In the case of emergency, call 911 

You may also get updates at WTOP radio station.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Donate to Mayor Malinda Miles Campaign


As you are aware, my term of office as Mayor of Mount Rainier ends this year April 30, 2017.   I have been asked by some residents to run again,  I am humbled by their request, and firmly believe that another term is necessary to complete the work that has been started over the past twelve (12) years.

As you know running a political campaign, today is a costly adventure. To run a successful campaign, I must depend on donations and contributions from those who believe in me, but also believes that I have done a good job over the years.  I believe that you are aware of my work, and would be willing to make a donation.

That is why I am asking you to make a contribution to my campaign. Your money will help with printings, mailings, yard signs, and other campaign materials.  By becoming one of my financial supporters, you will help me get my message out to the residents.  With your financial support, I will be able to provide my message in English and Spanish since I serve a large population of Hispanic speaking residents.

Please check one of the boxes below to indicate how much you’d like to give, or fill in a different amount. Once you have decided on the amount that you would like to contribute, please make your check or money order payable to Malinda Miles (noting in the memo line Miles Campaign), and send it to Mayor Miles For Mayor, P. O. Box 0068, Mount Rainier, MD 20712-0068.

I would like to contribute:

$50____ $100____ @150 (Maximum allowed for individuals)  $200____ $350 (Maximum allowed for businesses)____   Other amount $_____

Making a donation to OUR CAMPAIGN just got easier.  Just click on the link below.

Make Contribution Now:

The kickoff for OUR Campaign is Thursday, March 16, 2017, at the Mount Rainier Nature Center, 34th and Arundel Road, Mount Rainier, MD 20712.  Please come out to hear about the OUR Campaign, and help get it off the ground.  Information will be available to pick up, voter registration will be in full swing, and there will be light refreshments.  Mark your calendars.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing to represent you and work for you after this election is over!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Donations, Volunteers, and VOTES NEEDED!

YES, I am running for the position of Mayor of the great City of Mount Rainier MD in this election. The election will take place Monday, May 1, 2017.
Voting will be held at One Municipal Place, Mount Rainier City Hall, Mount Rainier, MD 20712 from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm.

My official campaign kickoff is Thursday, March 16, 2017, at the Mount Rainier Nature Center, 34th and Arundel Road. Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Any resident that has lived in Mount Rainier for thirty (30) days or more) are eligible to vote in this election with or without U. S. Citizenship, with or without a green card, with or without a visa or other supporting document. You must register (there is a special form available on the City's website, or you may pick one up from City Hall).

Absentee ballots are also offered and can be picked up on April 1, 2017. They must be returned no later than May 2, 2017. They are in English and Spanish.
My campaign cost is estimated to cost, $10,000. I need to raise this amount ASAP. This price includes our P. O. Box, printing -- English and Spanish, three bulk mailings costs -- permit, stamps, and actual mailings, street cards, yard signs, refreshments for workers, and t-shirts.

We are mailing to 4000 residents three times; we need about 500 signs, and we need street cards for walking.

There is no paid staff, just volunteers. Come volunteer at my Kickoff campaign on Thursday, Mach 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Mount Rainier Nature Center.
Contributions can be mailed to Mayor Miles for Mayor, P. O. Box 0068, Mount Rainier, MD 20712-0068.

ALL DONATIONS ACCEPTED. NEED PEOPLE TO WALK THE NEIGHBORHOOD WITH ME! This is a critical election in the history of Mount Rainier.
PLEASE COPY AND POST ON YOUR PAGE. Feel free to share with friends and neighbors. THANKS for any and ALL HELP.

Please make checks cash or money orders payable to Malinda Miles. I also have a PayPal Account that will be up and running on my website Under construction) in the next five days.

My campaign chairs are Nneka Barnes and Danielle Carter.

My campaign email address is Send me an email if you wish to volunteer -- make calls from home; walk the streets with me; give a reception or gathering at your home; attend a campaign event -- voter registration drive, candidates' forum, speaking engagement, etc.; have a suggestion or know something I need to know during this election. No contribution effort is too small.

I am in NEED OF YOUR SUPPORT! MAKE SURE THAT YOU VOTE, if you are eligible.

Make sure that your neighbors and friends vote. Can't make the polls, pick up and get that absentee ballot IN!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

CERT TRAINING AVAILABLE for Mount Rainier Residents, Employees, Businesses and others

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training will qualify you as a first responder in emergency situations and can go on your resume because you will receive a certificate of certification from trained and certified trainer from Prince George's County.

The class is two days in length (APRIL 1, 2017 and APRIL 2, 2017) from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

You must attend both days.

Training will occur at the Mount Rainier Police Station, Rhode Island Avenue, Mount Rainier, MD 20712

The Class is limited to 35, and preference will be given to Mount Rainier residents and employees.
YOU MUST SIGN UP no later than March 17 to be assured of a space in this class. If the response is overwhelming, another class will be offered.

To sign up send an email to with your name and contact information. Name tags/signs will be made for participants to wear and use during the training.

See you there.

This is a good training for anyone 16 and over.  We need thirty-five people in the class.