Thursday, January 13, 2011


January 13, 2010

Please accept my apology for the late notice, but final details were just completed.

There will be a Martin Luther King, Jr. program hosted in Mount Rainier on Monday, January 17, 2011. ALL are invited to come out and participate in this wonderful event. There will be something for everyone, AND we will have with us Lt. Governor Anthony Brown as part of the Governor's inauguration process. Here is the program outline for Monday:

10:00 am Welcome and distributing of clean up supplies
Community Clean up in the Town Center

11:15 am Return to Joe’s

11:30 am Performance and presentations
Buffalo Baptist Church Choir,
Dance students of Joe’s
Home School Coop reading Maya Angelou
poem and Dr. King works

12:15pm Lunch and Fellowship

(Greetings and remarks will be made by the Lt. Governor when he arrives.)

We hope you will join us for this program.

Dunkin Donuts will officially open on Tuesday, January 18. There will be a formal opening at 12:00 noon. All are invited especially veterans and veteran organizations per the owner's request. Dunkin Donuts is located in the Queenstown Shopping Center at 3030 Queens Chapel Road, Hyattsville, MD.

Please pass this information on and plan to attend these events. Thank you.

Monday, January 03, 2011

WELCOME to 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL -- ESPECIALLY THE RESIDENTS OF MOUNT RAINIER! This year offers us the opportunity to move "Forward" with the Governor and to "Make a Good County Great! with our County Executive. However, it is an opportune time to "Raise the Bar" in Mount Rainier on our revitalization efforts. We can raise the funds necessary to renovate our municipal center. We can get a developer interested in developing the properties on south Rhode Island Avenue. We can improve the look and condition of our City. We can get more residents involved in local government. We can motivate our youth to become active in Mount Rainier. We can bring more recreational opportunities to our youths, seniors, single moms, and those who depend on us for those services. We can make our schools better through active participation as volunteers.

This year, I pledge to do more to get our funding for our programs and activities. I pledge to be more aggressive with seeking legislative activities, private funding sources, and public funding to make the revitalization in Mount Rainier a reality.

I ask for your help. Together we can make this happen. We are so close, now we just NEED TO PUSH!

Here's wishing all of you a very happy, wonderful and prosperous NEW YEAR as we move together to move Mount Rainier Forward in a Good County on its path to GREATNESS!