Sunday, August 28, 2011

Damage Assessment for IRENE

Report from Chief Michael Scott on damage assessment of Irene in Mount Rainier:

As of 5 pm this morning we are still experiencing high winds and heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Irene. While the rain is forecast to taper off we still expect the high winds to continue through the morning hours. The police department went on tactical alert at 6 pm Saturday evening and all officers were on duty throughout the night until 5 am this morning. We will have a normal day shift compliment plus one additional officer starting at 7 am this morning. We will follow the same schedule for the night shift that starts at 7 pm tonight.

Throughout the City there is an extensive amount of storm debris on all of our residential streets ranging from leaves to large branches and trees and power lines down. We have reported each power line problem to Pepco; however we do not expect Pepco to respond to address any of the power line problems until later in the day, and then only according to their priority schedule. Our officers have used police tape to block off those streets where power lines and/or trees have either totally or partially blocked the roadway. Residents should not attempt to drive or walk on any street or sidewalk where police tape blocks the way.

Here’s a brief summary of the major storm damage and power outages:

Tree down blocking the road in the 3100 block of Upshur St. Tree took down power lines from a house when it fell.

· Tree down blocking the road at 37th and Newton Streets. No power lines affected.

· Tree down on power lines at 32nd and Varnum.

Tree down on power lines 3100 block of Shepherd St. Street blocked but power still on. When the tree came down an 8 to 12 foot section of the sidewalk was uprooted.

· Electric wires are down in the 4100 block of 30th Street.

· A tree and power lines are down in the 4000 block of 31st Street.

· Tree down in the 4200 block of 28th Street.

· Tree down at 28th Place and Webster Street.

· Power is out to about 75% of the Kaywood apartment complex and bordering streets.

· Power is out along Eastern Avenue from Rhode Island Avenue to Queens Chapel Road.

· Power is out in the 2200 and 2300 blocks of Varnum Street.

· Power is out sporadically in other residential areas of the City.

· The roof of the police station is leaking in several places.

Residents should continue to call our communications center at 301-985-6565/6566 to report trees down, power lines down or other hazardous conditions.

Michael E. Scott
Chief of Police
Mount Rainier Police Department
3249 Rhode Island Avenue
Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712

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