Friday, August 01, 2014

Referendum on November's Ballot

The voice of the people is needed and required for this referendum.  

The Ballot Title for the PROPOSED CHARTER AMENDMENT is CB 54:
To increase the number of consecutive terms that a person may serve on the County Council or as County Executive from two terms to three terms.

After you vote for your candidates, PLEASE vote on this referendum that will retain our current term limits for the County Council and the County Executive.

Several years ago, we the people raised our voices to say that no one should be voted into office for life.  We said that eight years in office were long enough, and allowed opportunity for new blood, and new directions.  We further said that, the people should have that control, not the legislators.  

To see what this referendum would feel like, look at our dysfunctional Congress, many of whom have been in office long before many of us were born.  Look at the bad decisions and the direction in which they have taken our Country.  Many went into office with good intentions, but stayed so long, they forgot why they ran in the first place.

Do you recall all of the big announcements about MGM Grand coming to Prince George's County, and all of the press releases?  This referendum/amendment that will have an impact on everyone in this County, DID NOT GET THAT KIND OF MEDIA ATTENTION!  

PLEASE contact your County Government Elected officials and ask why they did not feel that you would want to know about this major change to the County's Charter.

Then contact your neighbors and share their response and the referendum/amendment, and be sure to get out there and vote on November 4, 2014.  All polls open at 7 am and close 8 pm.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!

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  1. See the proposed language for the ballot referendum initiative for November 4, 2014 that seeks to add four more years or one more term for the County Council and County Executive. MARK YOUR BALLOTS and come out to VOTE AGAINST THIS INITIATIVE/REFERENDUM! All polls open at 7 am and close 8 pm. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!