Sunday, November 01, 2015


IT WAS QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT until the THIRD ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY got pumping in full swing! The party started at 5:30 pm and ended around 9:30 pm and the candy, popcorn and cotton candy DID RUN OUT.

YES, there was HOT APPLE CIDER! LOTS OF CANDY! POPCORN and moon bounce and other activities for children of all ages. IT was, by far the best Halloween Party in town. Three hundred plus bags of candy was given out. More than three hundred (300) hot dogs were eaten along with some chicken and pork chops (THANK YOU MR. JAY)!

Thank you to EVERYONE for making this Third Annual Halloween Party a SUCCESS (Bigger than last year, and LOTS MORE people, and they ALL GOT SERVED. Thank you, Nneka Barne,s Kandi Miles, Dread Head Lee, Tatiyana Miles, KELLY, Patricia Fenn, Julian Pitt, and a host of other worker bees for making me look SO GOOD! You were awesome, tireless, and oh so supportive. Thank you to those who donated time candy and supplies. You are all ROCK STARS

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