Friday, January 13, 2017

The Resilience Ball at Joe's Movement Emporium

One of Mount Rainier's most active Activist is spearheading a response to the inaugural celebrations.  It is not a resistance movement, but an acknowledgment of the resilience of the American people and specifically the wonderful people of Mount Rainier, MD.

Mount Rainier is a City on the move with can do people.  So, please come on out and join us as we celebrate our resilience at the Resilience Ball!  Below is an email letter from Ms. Brooke Kidd.

I wanted to share with the city that citizens have organized a major event On Friday, January 20th from 6 - 11pm.  The Resilience Ball: A Celebration of Community Strength and Hope will feature a number of activities and performances.  The mayor will be speaking that night to highlight municipal governance as the place where democracy truly comes to life.  I am expecting 200-300 people.  

Please share the information in your networks and come on by!

Many thanks,

Brooke Kidd,
Executive Director
Joe's Movement Emporium - World Arts Focus
3309 Bunker Hill Road - Mount Rainier, MD 20712

CFC #30651

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