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Mount Rainier Day Festival, May 18, 2019

The Mount Rainier Day Festival is well underway.  The Committee will be meeting via conference call on Monday, February 25, 2019.  Following are the notes from the last meeting.

If you are interested in working with the Committee, please email me at

Mount Rainier Day Festival
The MRDF Committee met on Monday at Mount Rainier’s City Hall.  The flowering was discussed:
1.      The stage, face painter, skate mobile, and other MNCPPC support ordered and a request has been made to have someone from MNCPPC serve on our committee.
2.      The Parade
a.      Parade Route     -- new route to showcase other parts of the City -- Eddie Murphy to map out
b.      Parade Participants – invite all Mount Rainier Committees; schools including Hyattsville Middle; elected officials, including Governor and Lt Governor; -- Malinda Miles
c.      Bands – Duval Marching Band, Parkdale, Largo, H. D. Woodson, Ballou, and any other that would come.  Yvette Washington to contact DC School and Chancellor;
d.      Larry’s Cars, 3 of them -- Eddie Murphy
e.      Advertising and flyers –
f.       Transportation for Mount Rainier Day Festival – YMCA, Colmar Manor, who else
g.      Bus drivers
3.      New activities   -- add new activities to the day’s event for children and adults
a.      Hula Hoop contest/demonstration
b.      Double Dutch with various categories – inviting the DC Ropers, Greenbelt All Stars – Dawn Ward
c.      Line Dancing contest and opportunities to learn line dancing – best line dance – individual and group
d.      Clowns that walk around and through the crowds doing tricks, but also participate in the parade
e.      Redskin players and Cheerleaders – for increasing interest Daryl Green – Yvette Washington
e.  Prince George's County's Health Mobile -- Yvette Washington
4.      Returning activities
a.      Skate mobile
b.      Petting Zoo – Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC)
c.      Horse rides
d.      Face painting – MNCPPC
e.      Basketball – with trophies
f.       Open studio tours – Pat Thornton
g.      Invite business participation
5.      Free food items
a.      Cotton Candy
b.      Popcorn
c.      Ice Cream
d.      Food Truck – Horse and Dickey’s – seafood
6.      Vendors
a.      Send out letters to Invite as many vendors as the area will hold ASAP
b.      No sale of guns, drug paraphernalia, or other child unfriendly items
c.      Charge vendors the following rates:         FOOD - $75; Merchandise - $50; Information -- $25 if registered by April 15, 2019 close of business (EARLY BIRD SPECIAL)
d.      Charge vendors the following rates:         Food -- $100; Merchandise -- $75; Information -- $50 if registering after April 15, 2019 (REGULAR REGISTRATION)
e.      LATE REGISTRATION based on availability --
f.       CUT OFF DATE FOR ALL VENDORS is May 6, 2019 close of business
g.      No fee for service vendors such as PEPCO, Washington Gas, WSSC, UPS – ask to give out information and any giveaways that they may have including bags
h.      Table and chairs and tents – MNCPPC and Public Works
7.      Entertainment
a.      Mistress of Ceremony – Trina Brown; in charge of sound system
b.      City responsible for generator – rent large one from Home Depot or get it donated
c.      Mariachi Band -- Malinda
d.      Hispanic Dancers -- search
e.      Patch Work -- Malinda
f.       Chose Gospel Group – Yvette
g.      Invite Mount Rainier’s talent
8.      Safety and Security          Eddie Murphy and CERT TEAM
a.      SHA traffic sign – order and set up at least two weeks before the event
b.      Direct traffic on Mount Rainier Day
c.      Provide water coolers for volunteers and works
d.      Use segways for crowd control and other activities
e.      First Aid kits
f.       Contact METRO re traffic pattern on May 18, 2019
NEXT MEETING OF THE COMMITTEE will be via conference call on February 25, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.  Malinda Miles to setup and share information.

Committee to meet monthly on the second Monday at 7:00 p.m. Mount Rainier’s City Hall, One Municipal Place.

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