Sunday, March 31, 2013

Call For Artists: Mount Rainier's Storm Drain Project

Call For Artists: Mt. Rainier Storm Drain Project

The Anacostia Watershed Society’s (AWS) vision to make the Anacostia River and its tributaries swimmable and fishable for the health and enjoyment of everyone in the community.

We seek to achieve this goal by undertaking a variety of projects, including the Mount Rainier Storm Drain Painting project. Please visit our website at for more details on our work.

Project Description: AWS is seeking sketch ideas for storm drain painting designs that will be completed on storm drains around Mount Rainier this spring. There will be three sets of paintings that will be carried out by three different groups of students: Mount Rainier Elementary, Thomas Stone Elementary, and Club Joe’s from Joe’s Movement Emporium. Materials costs will be covered in addition to artist commission.

DRAINS to be painted:

Thomas Stone Set: Five drains; Painting Day: TBD; Commision $500

Mt. Rainier Elementary Set: Three drains; Painting Day: Thursday, May 16, 2013; Commission $300

Club Joe’s/Community Set: Two drains; Painting Day: TBD; Commission $200

Submissions Due for all projects: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Requirements: Designs should reflect the high quality of artists in the Gateway Arts District, but should be simple enough for elementary-aged students to be able to paint/fill in the majority of the design. The artist can finalize the piece with detail/edgework for professional product.

Painting must be be outlined by artist ahead of the elementary school painting day so that students can easily fill in lines of design without smudging the outline. Artist must be present the day-of the paintings to provide assistance to students and volunteers and to paint remaining details of designs. Design must not incorporate the drain entrance as a “mouth” for any animal/creature/person/etc. To see examples from similar projects please contact call or e-mail Ann DeSanctis at or 301-699-6204 ext. 103.

Application Process: Please answer the following questions:
1. Artist name and contact information
2. Sketch of proposed storm drain paintings
3. Images of past work, especially any public art projects
4. Short narrative as to why you want to work with AWS
5. List of any previous experience working with children in a teaching capacity
6. Preliminary budget of supplies
7. Submit application answers, sketches of proposed ideas and images of past work to

This will be a collaboration between AWS and the artists. If interested, please contact Ann DeSanctis for a map, dimensions of the selected storm drains and to discuss the project in more detail, call or e-mail Ann DeSanctis at or 301-699-6204 ext. 103.


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