Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Rosetta Parker

Sitting here this morning feeling some kind of way about the news of the death of a teacher, activist, state delegate and leader in the 47th Legislative District.  Don't know how I missed it, and do not recall seeing anything about it in the news or any of my emails or other media sources, but former Delegate Rosetta Parker died Wednesday, October 29, 2014 -- (Cut and paste this link in your browser to read the full story about Ms. Parker --  Sometimes we are just too busy for our own good.

The trend now is to say "Tell somebody today that you love them because tomorrow  is not promised to you."  Well, I would like to add, "If your heart becomes obsessed with thoughts about someone, take the time to call or visit.  It may be your last opportunity."  I say this because somewhere during the early part of October, I started thinking about Rosetta.  I asked around a little, and promptly went on about my business.  A few days ago, I did the same thing, and this time I was given this information, but with no particulars.  I searched the internet today, and got the full story about her death.

Thank God I have no loose ends to mend with her, and no regrets about our relationship, but I am disappointed in me for not following up with my thoughts about her in 2014 when I thought about reaching out to her.

Rest in Peace Rosetta.  You will always be remembered by me for the work you did at Mount Rainier Elementary School in Mount Rainier, Maryland!

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