Monday, July 27, 2015

Your help is needed -- Children are the REASON!

The Associated Church for Community Services (ACCS) in Mount Rainier is hosting a number of activities over the next few months.  This Group is composed of ministers and churches that hold worship in Mount Rainier, live in Mount Rainier or conduct business in Mount Rainier.  The group was formed in 2005 but became inactive over the past few years.  Their goal is to reactivate and re-energize their effort to bring their presence to the table in Mount Rainier.  They need your HELP! 

What help is needed?  Donations and contributions, and volunteering of your time and effort to support their events.

Here are the events:
Mount Rainier's Back to School Night -- August 29, 2015 –
Location of distributions:  New Horizon, 2209 Varnum St, Mount Rainier, MD 20712 -- CONTRIBUTIONS are needed NOW.

Contributions of ruled paper, #2pencils, blue pens, red pens, composition notebooks, book bags, erasers, glue sticks, washable felt markers, pair of scissors, pencil case, pocket folders, plain paper, box of tissue, and pencil crayons. SEND or DELIVER supplies or financial contribution to Mount Rainier Police Department, Attention: Captain James Stoots, 3249 Rhode Island Ave, Mt Rainier, MD 20712

 Common Ground Gala ($50)-- October 9, 2015 -- Location  Bunker Hill Fire Station,  3716 Rhode Island Avenue, Mount Rainier, MD 20712 -- Please mark your calendars and save the date!  Tickets will go on sale Mid-August 2015

Financial Contributions to the ACCS, Emergency Preparedness Fund -- (Watch for more information on this drive that will be year-round) to help residents with their light bills, rent, and other emergencies during the winter months (October 15 to March 31) of each year.  Saint John’s Episcopal Church, 334th and Rainier Avenue, Mount Rainier, MD 20712. PLEASE MARK ENVELOPE ACCS Fund ONLY.  Funds are accepted year round.

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