Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Baskets Donation Due TODAY!

Good morning, Mount Rainier and surrounding areas as well as the rest of the world. LOL

Today is D-Day for our Christmas Baskets. If you are donating perishables (turkeys, hams, chickens, beef, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, butter, etc.), can goods, or other items for our Christmas Baskets please bring it to the Mount Rainier Police Station between 9:00 a.m and 8:30 p.m tonight.

If you wish to volunteer, do not hesitate to come and be a part of this demonstration of love for our community and our residents. The feeling you will get and carry for the rest of the holidays, and maybe even 2019 will be worth it. You also get an opportunity to interact with neighbors, see our police department and our officers in another light. So, come on out, every minute is not just working, but we will get the job done.

FORGOT WHAT TO DONATE? That's okay, here is the basic list:
Cranberry sauce -- lots
Jiffy mix -- lots
Stuffing mix -- lots
Green Beans, corn, black beans, red beans, mixed vegetables, etc. (CAN GOODS all kinds are welcome-
Elbow macaroni
Cake mix
Potatoes (white and sweet)
Can milk
Roast (beef, pork, lamb, etc.)
Beverages (water, juice, ice tea, lemonade, etc.)
Whatever you wish to give, I will distribute.

Just remember its Christmas, and the food is going to homes that are barely making it, need a hand UP, may not have a job, and just NEED A LITTLE KINDNESS!

Thank you to everyone in and around the community (including my friends and former Mount Rainians) for always helping to make this season brighter in Mount Rainier. Your love and caring are appreciated.

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