Thursday, December 20, 2018

It Could be YOU! Blessed

I was reminded this morning about how cold it is outside.

In the reminder, I was asked to pray for the homeless, and that made me think about where I was and my present condition.

In my own home.

Warm and comfortable.

I control the heat.

Food in the cabinets.

A stove to cook it on.

Dishes and silverware to use.

Clean water to drink.

Glasses in the cabinet.

The list just kept growing, and I just could not list everything for which I’d been given and continue to be provided.  One word came to mind – BLESSED!

When we have so much, we are often lulled into thinking that everybody else has what we have. We forget that there are those who have nothing not because they are lazy, shiftless, uneducated, or some other reason, but because they have lost their jobs, hospital bills, fires, and, yes, bad choices and so on.

Pray, yes.  Prayer does change things.  We are admonished to pray without ceasing.  Many of us do, and many of us do not believe in prayer, but one thing for sure, all of us are human, and prayer will not keep us warm in 32 and below temperatures.  The truth of the matter is we need clothing.  When we are hungry, prayer will give us hope, but it will not stop the hunger pains, food will do that.

What is the point?  We should always pray, but we should also take action to eliminate basic human needs – hunger, homelessness, available health care, job opportunities, and livable wages.  None of us are in a position to take the high road and look down on those that are less fortunate.

But for grace and mercy, many of us would be in their condition. Let's not only pray but share some of our blessings with them. So, today, buy a bag of groceries and give it to someone in need. Buy two donuts and two cups of coffee and share one with a homeless person. There are lots that we can do, and no one needs ever know that you did -- well not everyone will not know because God is always watching.

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