Sunday, October 20, 2013

Affordable Health Care in Prince George's County

From Delegation Chair Jolene Ivey:

Good afternoon! This morning the Prince George’s County House Delegation was fortunate to receive a briefing on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and  how it relates to people who have not had insurance coverage and issues that we face getting them coverage so far.

After all the vitriol we continue to hear and the strife this country has endured over this law, we should bear in mind one of the most important aspects of the Affordable Care Act: That it will be a crucial step in providing better health care coverage to the state’s population of 750,000 adults who do not have health insurance now, including roughly 150,000 in Prince George’s County.

To help residents purchase the right coverage, the state has set up the Maryland Health Connection, a website that allows people to browse more than 45 plans based on your income, needs and situation. The site is:

There have been problems with the site since it launched on Oct. 1. There have been about 1,100 enrollments in the first 10 days, while our goal for the next calendar year is to enroll 147,000 people. We’re told the usability design errors in the site at the start are being updated to make the process as smooth as possible, and that the site should still be your first place to check out what options are available.

If you are experiencing problems with the website and enrollment, or would like to speak with someone who can help in Prince George’s County to obtain a health care plan, please call the local phone number for the health connection: 1-240-773-8250. We’ve also attached a list of sites and times where help is available in-person to help residents find the appropriate coverage through Oct. 31 at several sites, including:
·        Prince George’s County Government Center – 425 Brightseat Road, Landover, MD
·        Adam’s House, Suitland Health and Wellness Center – 5001 Suitland Road, Suitland, MD
·        Greater Baden – Capital Heights – 1458 Addison Road, Capitol Heights, MD
·        Prince George’s Multi-Service Center – 4235 28th Avenue, Temple Hills, MD
·        Prince George’s County Government Center – 6505 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville, MD

If you know someone who does not have health insurance, please emphasize their need to enroll. To have coverage on Jan. 1, a person needs to have a plan selected by Dec. 18, and this coverage is key to ensuring that residents have affordable options for preventive treatment as well as emergencies.

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