Monday, December 14, 2015


The past two days have been a little rough. I caught a chest cold that is beating me down, but I am feeling better with some rest. As I lay here being sick, there are so many people in trouble with their rent, their mortgage, their lights, their water, their gas and on and on until I've decided that rest is for the dead. Living people must live and help those that are on the brink of disaster. 

Over the past year, I have been working with my ministers and others to start a community charity fund to help some of the neediest in our community. The fund only collected a small amount of money, and it has already helped at least a few people. The need is bigger. People living next door to you are without heat, but they will never tell you. Children walking past you on the street did not have breakfast and will not be getting a free lunch at school because their parents make too much to qualify, but have nothing left after the rent is paid.

While laying around, I made a few phone calls to people I thought could help me help a man that worked hard for me and others. Each person I called came through. I will make the delivery to the landlord tomorrow morning (it was due to the landlord today, but I did not have enough nor the strength to take it to them).  

For those who have made a donation to help me help this very special person, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have gone above and beyond what was expected and truly exemplify what this holiday means. We did not raise the entire amount needed, but he will retain his housing throughout the holiday season.

To the ministers, THANK YOU for working with me on my vision to have a place that residents can turn for help even if it is only a one-time occasion. Prior to your efforts, there was nothing. I hope that over the next year, we can really raise some money for the next winter and become a community-based organization that helps residents.

There are still people with compassion living in our world TODAY, and I am forever thankful!  They either live, work, come to, visit, own or wish they lived in Mount Rainier, MD.  Proud to be called the Mayor.

Peace and blessings always!

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