Saturday, September 24, 2016

Public Safety Night A Major Hit!

Thank you to the Prince George’s County Helicopter TEAM!  You were an absolute hit.  Thanks for the many photo ops you had with the kids and their parents.  You created memories.

Thank you to everyone for coming out, mingling with our police officer, public works, and other City staff. Part of breaking down barriers is getting to know the people around you. Thanks to all of the other jurisdictions for sending some of their officers to our event. Also, thank you to homeland security for coming out and handing out information on emergency preparedness.

Thank you to the entertainers that dropped what they were doing today to come and get me out of my crisis.  You were awesome.  You know you are good when the crowd refuses to go home.

Public Safety night was a major hit, and all of you made it possible.

NOTE:  We have NEVER run out of hot dogs and hamburgers, but we did last night, and Captain Stoots and Corporal Murphy made sure that more were purchased and put on the grill.  THANK YOU!

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